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  1. Musto and Gill are OK. Mixed and matching gear is preferable. I usually call those between grass roots and elite by their first name. But as a genre, they would be known as “Somewhere between grass roots and elite”. It’s all in the grass roots constitution.
  2. There are more than just grass roots and elite. Grass roots sailors also don’t have head to toe Zhik gear.
  3. Real grass roots sailors buy used boats
  4. Through a North American lens, it sure looks like a lot. But I am sure the builders that signed up are confident this is a sustainable deal.
  5. If we each deleted posts which are a repetition of what we already stated, we wouldn’t hit 10Gs for a few years.
  6. 500 entries of quality packed into 10,000 posts
  7. I certainly don’t have a problem with buying knock-off ILCA’s () and generic parts for club racing and to save a few bucks. But your Wess math is interesting. 7500 - 6000 = 5000 Nice music pick. Had the Brain Salad Surgery 8 track!
  8. Tough crowd. One bad photo and your boats suck. The first photo in the link is a bit more flattering...
  9. What the....? Where are the teak grab rails?
  10. This side of the pond it looks like the Zim is USD 8000; PSA 8500; Ovi 8900.
  11. Would that it were so simple... Wess is that 8th grade Social Studies teacher that asks questions and makes statements just to get the class thinking. That's the only logical reason for many of his posts. I also think he has bet some rum with someone that that he can drag this out over 100 pages. And he is nearly there!!