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  1. Now watching THAT was time well spent!
  2. And: http://www.laserinternational.org/blog/2020/08/25/overview-of-ilca-finances-part-2/ Anything for which there is a QR code. It’s all been tallied before in earlier pages.
  3. 12 flags in the top 15 and 5 boats from each of the 3 builders. Great stuff!
  4. Do you think ILCA should have given LP the boot earlier?
  5. Is TLC really holding on to the WS dream? Good God. And once they actually start charging for memberships, what is the over/under on how many members there will be? 250?
  6. This speaks pretty well to ILCA’s commitment to ensure all builders are sticking to the construction manual. There were those that believed some of the boats would be “hotter”.
  7. A carbon Laser with an updated rig. Look out Aero! LP have you in their sights! I hear it is going to be called a Laero. Or Aeser. And class memberships are free!
  8. I think the Sailmon was strapped to the LP employees fleeing the factory.
  9. So there is no grassroots sailing in more expensive boats?
  10. There has been some debate over what constitutes the grassroots in sailing. In my opinion I would consider this the local club scene. Evening racing, club regattas and the like. You?
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