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  1. Actual square footage of the sail wound up at 76 sq ft. Bruce probably dropped a couple zeros from his squiggles. 77 is close enough for me on a first-drawing. And that’s the way I still do long division - when my iphone isn’t nearby. This drawing preceded small calculators for sure.
  2. A = sail area. 12.5 = waterline length No idea about the other values.
  3. Sailabration! http://www.laserinternational.org/blog/2021/03/29/ilca-launches-50th-anniversary-celebration/
  4. Starry-eyed parents will buy ILCAs for their competitive kids. Old guys at the club level will either by Lasers or used ILCAs. Some will buy new ILCA’s (like rich We$$) and never leave their own club. So three options for the grass roots crowd. And a few options if they go new. It has never been better.
  5. I don’t recall voting for a name change from ISAF. All racing is void.
  6. Hey Gouv. Neither the Constitution nor the rules say anything about an insignia on the sail. You have to buy a sail from an approved builder and can’t add or alter. That’s it. So carry on! PS if you ever organize an October event when ACL is on...
  7. I am also concerned about what appears to be a very steep angle from the thwart into those cleats. Those cleats are meant to be in shear as much as possible. You could have a lot of friction, and an awkward pull angle. Is the entry into the underside of the thwart the same as the top - through a fairlead?
  8. Have a look at the photos of boats from the UK - your post of Aug 16, Iain CE’s of Sept 7 and GBRNoah’s of Aug 18. You will see those boats have very little on the thwart - I believe most are on the centerboard cap like GBR’s or on the side of the centerboard box. The crew needs a place to sit and slide, plus you may find lines (spin sheets come to mind) getting hooked around those wood blocks. And your crew’s trapeze harness. Are those blocks screwed and glued? You may have the odd tack in a blow where the crew is coming in off the wire aft foot first and his foot smacks into one of those blo
  9. Lots of work! I do, however, see some problems with a thwart that is that busy.
  10. That price is pretty close to a Topper in the UK. How can that possibly be sustainable?
  11. This is key. Even as a SFOD in the early days there were certainly variances in specs and quality. Some of those Quebec boats were leaky messes. And one could seemingly order bespoke boats from LPE in latter years. Commitment to QC/QA by the builders along with vigorous and consistent monitoring by ILCA should create the most level playing field in terms of performance yet. I think variances between builders will be in the finish i.e. cosmetic in nature.
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