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  1. Here is the link to CBC's coverage: Sailing - CBC Tokyo 2020 Check out the Larry Lemieux clip from '88 - scroll down to the zinc nose. Old friend. Go into Schedule/Results Screaming schedule for live stuff.
  2. Ideally, you want the boat supported under the gunwales so there is no pressure on the hull at all. Next best is upside down with support longitudinally on either side of the deck outside the cockpit. Third would be upside down with latitudinal support just aft of the traveller and near the mast step. It’s hard to tell if those Fireball bunks can be removed easily, but the simplest of the the three would be to have a couple padded 2X6’s running across the trailer - the location of the present bunks would probably do. You can make them long enough so they stick out the side and you can strap t
  3. Better chance of Wess getting “ILCA” tattooed on his neck than him paying you your well-deserved rum.
  4. We just BBQ whale blubber. And Rastegar does things the result in him being sued. Several times. This Laser stuff is baby shit compared to his other escapades.
  5. I think ILCA’s housecleaning and the appointment of Ovington did a lot for the credibility of the class. Eliminating the lawsuit hungry, baby-finger-chopping, royalty ignorer was a strong move.
  6. https://www.sail-world.com/news/239700/Laser-designer-Bruce-Kirby-dies-at-92-yrs Rest In Peace, Mr.Kirby. You put thousands of smiles on thousands of sailors.
  7. I never really got this. A great looking rig, but probably more appropriate for an Aero. A 2020 rig on a 1969 boat. Reminds me of the Super Sunfish idea which flopped.
  8. Here is the boat registry from the UK Fireball Association. https://www.fireballsailing.org.uk/index.asp?selection=boat-register
  9. And at night with a rum in hand is another good time.
  10. Considering hundreds of suggestions from members and engaging 13 members of the World Council in the process will take some time. Not much hope of a single evening… I am just waiting for Wess to chirp in with a snide “soon” comment.
  11. Tracy got back to me straight away and advised it is a work in progress and it is “…almost ready for final WC approval to go to a member vote”. However, he added they are extremely busy emerging from COVID and getting all their events going on, which is their priority. They are hopeful to have something ready by late summer.
  12. Builders can’t use Laser. They decided to use ILCA so as not to get sued. Bad choice, but necessary. We all know how much Rastegar likes the court room.
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