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  1. So there is no grassroots sailing in more expensive boats?
  2. There has been some debate over what constitutes the grassroots in sailing. In my opinion I would consider this the local club scene. Evening racing, club regattas and the like. You?
  3. I am not going back - buried somewhere in the shit-slinging with me, Wess and Robbie. Question was what did ILCA do for grassroots sailors.
  4. I sold my Laser, but I raced other classes just as much over the years. What I sail/sailed has no bearing on my belief. The dictionary refers to grassroots as the most basic level of activity. I believe consensus was in this thread that we would be talking about club racing activities. I don’t consider a world championship fit in any activity as grassroots.
  5. No doubt it is a perfect grass roots boat. But I just don’t think of grass roots sailors going to world championships.
  6. I guess I never considered sailors at World Championships in World Sailing classes as being dedicated to grass roots. So is it solely sailors who sail Olympic classes that aren’t dedicated to grass roots?
  7. No question at all college sailing is not doing anything for Olympic sailing. But I am not sure it can’t help. My suggestion is there is an untapped resource of hundreds of racing sailors in colleges and high schools and there might be some very promising sailors in the mix that could be identified and developed. Like most sports in the US. What if half a dozen colleges in the US were identified as Olympic pathway schools for sailing? Specialized curriculum, financial support etc etc. No chance this could work?
  8. The average age of helm medalists in Tokyo was 30. Only one was under 25. The US College system should still be an excellent resource and elite talent could be identified by age 21. You then work this elite talent first in conjunction with the last year or two of school and then full on after that. Hell, you should be able to pick the top high school grads and get them in the stream as well. There just has to be plenty of potential Olympic medallists graduating every year. And with “pre-grooming” the road to the podium should be much smoother.
  9. Ahh, Wess - still Dazed and Confused. I see your Song Remains the Same. I thought all the Communication Breakdown with the Laser Class would have you showing ILCA a Whole Lotta Love. Sure there have been Good Times Bad Times at ILCA, but they are Over the Hills and Far Away better than that Fool in the Rain - Rasty. I realize it is a real Heartbreaker for you to lose this Battle of Evermore with Robbie, who should show you No Quarter in demanding payment of a nice bottle of rum. Dancing Days are here for ILCA and The Laser Class is on a Stairway to Heaven (actually hell). Rock and Roll, Wes
  10. I do get a big pain in the ass reading Wess’s posts, but that’s about it.
  11. Touch wood, but have never had a back problem of any type.
  12. A Sunfish? With messed up knees? Not sure multitasking should include walking with crutches. Think I’ll get an old IC when I get bored. Maybe become an ILCA rep to support the class that has done so much for me over the years.
  13. The Enterprise was aft sheeting back in the day. Our club FJ’s had the main sheet dead ended on one side of the transom, through a block on the end of the boom, then through a fair lead on the other side of the transom. Can’t much lower tech than that. Only problem with aft sheeting is it is difficult to face forward when tacking or jibing.
  14. Need to reinvigorate the small fleet here. Nothing serious at all.
  15. Well I retired from Laser sailing for the 5th time and sold my boat. So the L in ILCA is now Lightning for me. My knees have already thanked me! But - that doesn’t change my (correct) position. And I will continue to disagree with, you, Wess. It’s fun.
  16. Right you are. I stand corrected.
  17. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water
  18. Looks like the boat was built in 2003. My guess is you won’t be racing at a level above local. As such, the only potential value this thing holds is to show someone it is a “real” Laser - maybe adds $25 to the resale value to someone is real keen. Unless you are doing a total refurbishment and your concern is aesthetic, the duct tape is certainly an option.
  19. I would do this on all of them at the same time.
  20. Those used to be the years where you would crew for your dad.
  21. Ssshhh! You might wake up you-know-who! It has been wonderfully peaceful for the last 6 weeks.
  22. Bill5

    JS dinghies

    Two Aeros? How confusing. One will need to change the name. Note ILCA is taken.
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