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  1. I stumbled across it looking for something else. Total fluke I found it.
  2. I am not offended at all! It is what it is. No candy coating. And if it is the turn of phrase that offends, well, that’s your issue. Let’s talk about Zim ILCAs, of which I would not hesitate to purchase and support my local dealer. No politics in my decision.
  3. My home country is a dumpster fire in terms of the pandemic. An embarrassment.
  4. I am not trying to get very far. Just sharing my thoughts.
  5. I have no problem buying an ILCA made in China. According to people that actually know what they are talking about, a quality product can be expected. I am sure there are thousands of quality businesses and millions of wonderful people in China. But as a nation? It’s a dumpster fire. It may be crawling out of the dark ages, but the country’s human rights record and ongoing middle-finger to environmental issues are disgusting. No need to come back with “Ya, but what about (insert nation here)”. Most countries have crosses to bear, but not like China. It’ll be shit for decades to come. And ILCAs
  6. Anyway, let's get back to Wess' bet and see where we stand. Here is what Wess said: Results Higher prices: There can be some debate - as different geographies have different experiences, but straight up the price has gone up. Win: Wess Supply problems: No need to comment. Win: Robbie, Tracey and others, handily. Quality problems: So far, one leaky bailer. LPE had quality problems well before all this. PSA were already producing higher quality boats, and there in no reason to believe the other builders will put out a quality product. Win: Robbie, Tracy and others, hand
  7. Zim Club 420s and Optis at our club have been very good.
  8. I'm thinking a more accurate statement is "flies to shit". I have certainly been guilty of being a fly to a lot of your shit. My bad.
  9. Repeat: Bill vs Bill. Bill wins every time. But I remain curious, Wess, as to what class Bill can buy a 25 year old boat and win without upgrading. And what one design has remained unchanged since the first one hit the water?
  10. Owners, sailors or racers? Nice head-fake by the way. A bunch of questions tossed your way which you ignore and pull one of your old ones from the vault. Well played! LOL
  11. Thanks Xeon. But I do think PN is a reasonable indicator of speed, and what everyone asks when a “how fast is it” question is out forward in DA. I know the numbers tend to rise and fall marginal amounts based on reporting of results, etc, but I think the Laser variance has been quite small - and is based on results from over 28,000 races. Your point is right on in terms of sailability with the new gear. That, and durability, have been what has driven every change. None were done to make the boat faster.
  12. Bill vs Bill. Bill wins every time. But I remain curious, Wess, as to what class Bill can buy a 25 year old boat and win without upgrading. And what one design has remained unchanged since the first one hit the water? UK guys - has the PN for the Laser jumped over the years as the result of changes?
  13. Read your last sentence calling for notice of changes. Perhaps “vote” was too strong of a word on my part. What makes a Laser obsolete? What are your expectations? A guy in our club (Laser returnee) picked a slime green Laser from the 70’s. All original - red shag, the works. Do you actually believe he should be able to launch and win with no updates? In what class can you do this? Must be lots of edibles in Wess world.
  14. The local dealer is selling Zims. If I was in the market, I would buy from him. I would buy from him if he was selling ILCAs from the UK, Argentina, Poland, Australia, Thailand or Italy.
  15. Well, there was a photo of one with a cleat on backwards while still in the shop. And there was one with a leaky bailer that Robbie spoke to. The And then there was Julian B’s glowing report and reference for the builder. What other comments based on actual experience are there? I phoned a friend and he couldn’t help. He must be an idiot.
  16. I saw a guy from Quebec have his dad sit on the end of his boom before leaving the beach. Good for the first beat...
  17. Oh I see. So back in the 70s you think they should have taken fixing the mast step to a vote.
  18. I didn’t care. I was 15. Still don’t. And I am, um, older than that.
  19. In the earliest days, I think I saw as many mast step failures as busts tops.
  20. Not like today, though. You can turn the rig inside out!
  21. The only change I would have backed off was the vang. No problem with the purchase, but a stopper at block to block (or just past) would have saved a bunch of top sections, and perhaps reduced the need for the carbon top. The balance are either durability or simple efficiency related. Nothing that changed the performance of the boat.
  22. That would be the single best thing that could ever happen ... for the Aero.
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