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  1. Yep. Probably 40 local craft brewers in city of 1.3 mill. And some really good ones in the Rockies. We have great barley and water in this part of the world.
  2. I am honestly not fussed over 10 missing blocks in an early shipment. Honestly. And I don’t believe it is reflective of the build quality of the boats. Honestly. I bought a half dozen spars from SuperSpar (UK) a few years ago for some ICs and an Osprey here. One of the masts (mine) had the hounds in the wrong place. Shit happens and they sent me a replacement. I didn’t go on a wild rant about their quality. The masts were great. Honestly. And I would buy another SuperSpar without hesitation. I honestly think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill.
  3. Any decent local dealer will inspect boats on arrival and deal with a missing outhaul block. Did these boats get delivered directly from China to the site? I might be wrong, but I am thinking the ILCA inspection doesn’t include the shipping dock. Or the reception area. If ten boats all leaked I would certainly have an issue.
  4. I like to support the local dealer. He will have a stock of boats - ZIMs - for the first time in years. I can look at it before I buy it to check for issues. I can measure rake and even weigh it if I really want. If it leaks, I can take it back. I see the three major Canadian dinghy dealers are all selling ZIMs. At our club we have several ZIM 420s and Optis. No problems. I drive a GM truck, when I wear a watch it is a Timex Marathon, I don’t have a handbag, and there is a brilliant chocolatier here. I do prefer scotch to bourbon or rye but that is based on taste, not quality. Great local b
  5. Hah! No ten people combined can out wiggle you, Wes. You are the King Wiggler. Your second comment seems very, very wrong. But tell me what “true” OD classes you speak of so we can have a conversation.
  6. I always have nice days, Wess. And your posts always bring a nice smile to my my face! - all one designs make changes (other than those you listed) - Laser improvements were for efficiency and/or durability. They did not change the speed of the boat. One can get around the course quicker because they can change gears at will and handle the boat more effectively. - improvements cost money and you have to improve any old boat to compete - not just an old Laser. $4000 for new sails on my old Lightning for which I paid $3000 (all CAD) - you lost the bet (note I wasn't part of i
  7. If there was a market, I am sure ILCA and manufacturers would be interested. But if it was Olympics these guys are most concerned about, it wasn't the Finn that was kicked out so much as the "big guy" event. There would need to be more trials if the IOC wanted to reconstitute. Maybe the Aero 9 would get in. Oh - and as you know - the Aero finished second in two of the three actual sailing parts of the selection. Just sayin'. And I completely see how it won the Appeal part. Too bad there aren't any within 600 miles of here to actually take a look and go for a ride. Or race as a fleet. (Yo
  8. A larger sail is a different topic than a Mark 3 for the ILCA 7 sail. An ILCA 9 would be a new class - like the ILCA 5 and ILCA 6 (4.7 and Radial). How is the Aero 9 doing for the bigger boys?
  9. The comments was regarding a Mark 3 for the ILCA 7. Not making an ILCA 9. So a modification in the shape of the present sail to make it better for bigger boys. I say no way.
  10. Changing the sail to accommodate heavyweights? No chance. Rum bet?
  11. I can’t see them making a new sail that would up the optimum rate.
  12. I stumbled across it looking for something else. Total fluke I found it.
  13. I am not offended at all! It is what it is. No candy coating. And if it is the turn of phrase that offends, well, that’s your issue. Let’s talk about Zim ILCAs, of which I would not hesitate to purchase and support my local dealer. No politics in my decision.
  14. My home country is a dumpster fire in terms of the pandemic. An embarrassment.
  15. I am not trying to get very far. Just sharing my thoughts.
  16. I have no problem buying an ILCA made in China. According to people that actually know what they are talking about, a quality product can be expected. I am sure there are thousands of quality businesses and millions of wonderful people in China. But as a nation? It’s a dumpster fire. It may be crawling out of the dark ages, but the country’s human rights record and ongoing middle-finger to environmental issues are disgusting. No need to come back with “Ya, but what about (insert nation here)”. Most countries have crosses to bear, but not like China. It’ll be shit for decades to come. And ILCAs
  17. Anyway, let's get back to Wess' bet and see where we stand. Here is what Wess said: Results Higher prices: There can be some debate - as different geographies have different experiences, but straight up the price has gone up. Win: Wess Supply problems: No need to comment. Win: Robbie, Tracey and others, handily. Quality problems: So far, one leaky bailer. LPE had quality problems well before all this. PSA were already producing higher quality boats, and there in no reason to believe the other builders will put out a quality product. Win: Robbie, Tracy and others, hand
  18. 42 times we have had essentially the same argument?
  19. Zim Club 420s and Optis at our club have been very good.
  20. I'm thinking a more accurate statement is "flies to shit". I have certainly been guilty of being a fly to a lot of your shit. My bad.
  21. Repeat: Bill vs Bill. Bill wins every time. But I remain curious, Wess, as to what class Bill can buy a 25 year old boat and win without upgrading. And what one design has remained unchanged since the first one hit the water?
  22. Owners, sailors or racers? Nice head-fake by the way. A bunch of questions tossed your way which you ignore and pull one of your old ones from the vault. Well played! LOL
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