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  1. Most homeowners insurance policies include liability insurance for small boats. But generally, damage to the boat itself is not insured. In any event, insurance for both liability and damage is cheap as chips for an ILCA. The $10mill requirement for an RS event is a bit over the top.
  2. My path? Hell, I am a simple Laser sailor mainly at the Club level that isn’t bothered by ILCA and their funding. I wonder how many like-minded sailors there are out there. Personal choice. Not following and not leading.
  3. Why? We have establishes the actual ILCA WS charges are fractional. Show me the $1000s!
  4. All we really know are our own experiences. From mine, the top section makes no difference, the foils are simply more durable, and I still prefer my Mk 1 sail when it is light. The control upgrades don’t make the boat faster - but they make changing gears much easier. If you round a weather mark with an old vang in most conditions, by the time you get it set right you will have lost several boat lengths to someone with a new vang - or capsized trying. Sail an older Laser in decent shape with most upgrades and you will do OK against most at the club level. I don’t need to see much scientific re
  5. Cruisin’ the harbour and impressing the chicks. A few years before we all needed white zinc noses. Are those cut-offs?
  6. Used to occasionally have an on-water “skippers meeting” with a couple fellow Laser sailors before Wednesday Night Racing.
  7. No - but I found a pack of smokes and matches in a baggy from 40 years ago. Those were my drifter wind indicators. They certainly led to quality racing.
  8. Laser parts for sale: Teak tiller with existing groove to accept the traveller line, comes with 21” aluminum extension; 3:1 vang with yellow propylene rope; custom cut cunningham line with loop already tied in for 2:1 purchase; nylon eye and deck cleat cunningham combo, 3.2 ounce Elvstrom sail, used twice and only moderately blown out; RWO swivel mainsheet block and cleat, including a box of bandaids for chipped knuckles; wood foils basically the same shape as new ones - the trailing edges have recently been repaired; brommel-clip style clew tie down. Serious enquiries only. Ready for pick up.
  9. You could probably attach a key to the existing block with a twist shackle, but that would be awkward and likely put some uneven stress on the block.
  10. This is the response to every single point Wess has ever raised.
  11. Maybe it’s my phone, but no photo showed up. Anyway, that is not the standard block for an XD. Here it is:
  12. Show us a picture of the entire contraption.
  13. Well, I am just about through watching reruns of The Office for the third time. I guess diving into this for the 5th time isn’t offside, I just blame it on COVID boredom. We have established that a quality domestic sailmaker would charge at least as much on the new sail. The intro of other bits - all of which were introduced pre-FRAND - have all inured to the benefit of manufacturers such as Harken. So you remain dead wrong on this issue vis a vis ILCA getting rich. Which of the “foisted” changes could you do without? Which were not part of a durability initiative? I Ithink the vang is o
  14. I have a slide rule somewhere...
  15. Actual square footage of the sail wound up at 76 sq ft. Bruce probably dropped a couple zeros from his squiggles. 77 is close enough for me on a first-drawing. And that’s the way I still do long division - when my iphone isn’t nearby. This drawing preceded small calculators for sure.
  16. A = sail area. 12.5 = waterline length No idea about the other values.
  17. Sailabration! http://www.laserinternational.org/blog/2021/03/29/ilca-launches-50th-anniversary-celebration/
  18. Starry-eyed parents will buy ILCAs for their competitive kids. Old guys at the club level will either by Lasers or used ILCAs. Some will buy new ILCA’s (like rich We$$) and never leave their own club. So three options for the grass roots crowd. And a few options if they go new. It has never been better.
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