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  1. Having access to the construction manual is about as useful as having access to Eric Faust’s dental records. Especially for us grass roots sailors.
  2. Speaking of ducking questions, of which experience has shown me you excel, are you going to answer Eyesailor’s?
  3. Read all of Eye’s posts. She gave three good reasons and had three “likes” including Robbie’s. Eye then asked you why you thought it was a good idea to make it public - again with three “likes”. You ignored that question. So...uh...
  4. Agree with this 100%. Especially: For this reason alone, I think it is a good thing that it is not public. This thread would become interminable. Brilliant.
  5. Gee, these are new. Why haven't you put these notions forward until now?
  6. Sorry. Nothing in the bylaws about resigning.
  7. Request for resignation denied. You have to sell your Laser. Wess might be looking for one. EDIT: Let me check - I might be able to downgrade you to an associate membership. But don't expect the same lack of benefits.
  8. @Wess I just noticed your cute little comment at the bottom of your entries. Is that new? Charming. I have decided to set up an association along the same lines as the Laser Class. Same price (free) and same benefits (none). And to make it easy for anybody to join, you don't even need to sign up! Can I count you in? Actually - you don't even have to tell me. Anybody that has a Laser or ILCA, new or used, is hereby a member. But if you don't have one, you can't join. Sorry - it's in the bylaws.
  9. Yep, if 2.5% on replacement parts is going to break the bank, throw in the towel.
  10. If the minimum wage goes up to $15, the difference should help you manage after a couple weeks.
  11. According to a bunch of parents at the Youth Worlds last year, the PSA boats were faster than the LPs. No chance their kids could have been less skilled.
  12. You will be surprising some folks with your reply!
  13. Two more! Couldn't find much online about E6E, other than this: นำเข้า ส่งออก ซื้อมาขายไป ออกแบบ ผลิต ซ่อมแซม ดัดแปลงชิ้นส่วน เรือ รถยนต์ อากาศยาน และ แบ่งบรรจุชิ้นส่วนที่เกี่ยวข้อง Any questions?
  14. I thought of using dickheads, assholes, motherfuckers, sons-of-bitches or jerk offs. But I wanted to keep it clean.
  15. Doesn't take much time. And good exercise for dealing with difficult people.
  16. Well, the truth is I made a mistake. I cut and paste the wrong descriptor from Marine Outfitters website - I just intended to show the manufacturing location. I feel terrible. I truly apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding. No intention to mislead. I will give myself 40 lashes with a cat of nine tails. To restate. The Classic is pretty much the same as the LP boat from 5 years ago. No carbon top section. And the price is comparable when one considers inflation. So no grossly inflated prices because of ILCA, as you have suggested, Wess. But we do have new boats because of ILC
  17. FFS. The $9,600 was from my local dealer for the Classicversion. This would be about the same as the LP boats he used to sell at about the same price. Got it? I then cut a paste something from Marine Outfitters simply to show they are speaking of the boat they are selling as being made in China, which I am going to confirm with my dealer. Then you two started going all over the place.
  18. This is from Marine Outfitters (Kingston - not my dealer)
  19. I'll ask the dealer. But I don't have the same issues as you wrt country of origin. Point is pricing is not up.
  20. Just talked to the local dealer. He has Zim's showing up in March and selling them for CAD9600 (not sure why ILCA haven't made an announcement). The last time he could actually sell LP boats was in 2015 and they were CAD8900. This tracks almost to the dollar with inflation. And he can get as many as he wants.
  21. Oh - so it's not just ILCA you distrust. It's all the builders, too! Gotcha.
  22. CL14 is a scaled down CL16 which is a Wayfarer clone. Nice little boats. I am not sure if CL is still in business. http://www.clboatworks. In com/
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