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  1. I wish your friend well. You guys are discussing the wrong subject. Ffs.
  2. Correct! You should thank Paul Martin for that.
  3. It's called a dingey. Sails or 4 hp, take your pick.
  4. In my area we have city bylaws and inspectors to enforce them. It can take some time to force compliance for unsightly yards, but it does get done. Running auto repair or such gets dealt with much quicker, someone blocking access is dealt with very quickly, within the hour mostly. It works.
  5. Trumpanzees in cages, pointed at with deserved derision by the educated is fitting.
  6. Trumpanzees swing in the faux news branches.
  7. I think you will do damage once you get past the worn "polish" on the gears, it will wear very fast. If you can get to the trans easily do it now. Mine was miserable to replace, but I had to get to the rear main seal, it was leaking too, being a Perkins... only accessible from one side, motor mount had to be replaced as well, a mount from Sweden. My boat was built in France.
  8. I didn't find small pieces either, thrust washer was in 2 neat pieces in the bottom of the tranny when I opened it.
  9. Just saw your video, sounds like a broken thrust bearing and resultant helical gear whine. I found one in the bottom of my M-22 in 2 pieces, whining and jumping out of 2nd gear.
  10. I have no idea what a shotchkey diode looks like, or how to test it. I do have a multimeter on board, alas, this is a weak point for me... but I do follow direction quite well. I know both panels have hot spots because you can feel the difference with touch, it is marked, about 8 C difference in just that module. I called the supplier this am to discuss, I am expecting them to replace them when I get back in a month or so. I hope they last that long, I bought a portable vitrifigo freezer the same day I left,(and the panels) the thing uses more amps than I expected. So far they are still workin
  11. I had some sun breaks today to compare, the first 2 days I ran each panel singularly all day, they were doing really well. 630 WH and 580, intermittent clouds, today I have abt 570 combined, but the am was rain and overcast. The hot spots are eating some of their power, they must be, heat equals energy.
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