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  1. He's sitting down, the girls behind him are standing. The flappers just behind him look fairly tall, they are on a taller bench, the one over his left shoulder has her finger in his ass crack. She has a knowing smirk.
  2. You would have to be utterly without a working mind to click on that.
  3. She needs to pay. This shit has to stop, lies add up, a la drumpf. Grow a spine as a society, and do what your 5th grade teacher tried to teach you. Ffs
  4. Even Henry Ford realised he could not sell his cars only to the rich. Without a middle class your economy will colapse.
  5. Please post a link to some, or Any republican solution for this.
  6. By 2030 all new buildings/homes must use only renewable energy. No natural gas will be allowed. And we have a shit ton of it in BC.
  7. Yup. Cept they are mullling no more natural gas in the near future. Ffs here.
  8. Its not a blower anymore... its a conversation piece. All good with that.
  9. There is a Lambo running around town with a storage box on the roof, guy was telling me today. This I would like to see...
  10. Im looking for a hood too. Most important is not to buy one that moves too much air for your cubic foot needs, you can draw moisture into your home with vacuume in the rainy season, over time that can cause a LOT of issues. Next is how quiet it is, that's why Im looking now. My last place had 600 cfm over island cooktop, it was too much on high, just didn't turn it up. Air movement has a lot to do with duct size, a 4" duct isn't moving 200 cfm.
  11. The CBC just played The Wellerman a week or two ago while I was driving home from work, made me smile and "sing". Hahaha. A few weeks before that was Barrett's Privateers, a Stan classic. Thanks Ish.
  12. This here is a buddy's dog, a Japanese Tosa. Last time he was at the vet he weighed 175 lbs, and I think he's put on some weight lately. He is very particular where he walks, where he don't want to go he don't! He didn't want to come on my boat but I shamed him into it, as his dad was spending the night on the boat.
  13. You disingenuous lying cunt. I am embarrassed you were spawned in my country, you are a despicable man. Fucking liar. Change your name again, I like dogs, and you are ruining that. Asshole.
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