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  1. In my area we have city bylaws and inspectors to enforce them. It can take some time to force compliance for unsightly yards, but it does get done. Running auto repair or such gets dealt with much quicker, someone blocking access is dealt with very quickly, within the hour mostly. It works.
  2. Trumpanzees in cages, pointed at with deserved derision by the educated is fitting.
  3. Trumpanzees swing in the faux news branches.
  4. I think you will do damage once you get past the worn "polish" on the gears, it will wear very fast. If you can get to the trans easily do it now. Mine was miserable to replace, but I had to get to the rear main seal, it was leaking too, being a Perkins... only accessible from one side, motor mount had to be replaced as well, a mount from Sweden. My boat was built in France.
  5. I didn't find small pieces either, thrust washer was in 2 neat pieces in the bottom of the tranny when I opened it.
  6. Just saw your video, sounds like a broken thrust bearing and resultant helical gear whine. I found one in the bottom of my M-22 in 2 pieces, whining and jumping out of 2nd gear.
  7. I have no idea what a shotchkey diode looks like, or how to test it. I do have a multimeter on board, alas, this is a weak point for me... but I do follow direction quite well. I know both panels have hot spots because you can feel the difference with touch, it is marked, about 8 C difference in just that module. I called the supplier this am to discuss, I am expecting them to replace them when I get back in a month or so. I hope they last that long, I bought a portable vitrifigo freezer the same day I left,(and the panels) the thing uses more amps than I expected. So far they are still workin
  8. I had some sun breaks today to compare, the first 2 days I ran each panel singularly all day, they were doing really well. 630 WH and 580, intermittent clouds, today I have abt 570 combined, but the am was rain and overcast. The hot spots are eating some of their power, they must be, heat equals energy.
  9. Is it a hurth? I just removed mine and have the old one, it was hesitating shifting into forward, otherwise working ok. I installed a new one from ZF, a 15, the old one I still have is a ZF- 10 if you want it, was behind a Perkins 4108. Every transmission shop I talked to advised to don't attempt to rebuild it. Just changing clutch packs isn't a rebuild, I was going to do the work myself, rebuilt my Muncie racing trannys years ago, those parts were available. Not so much with old boat trannys it seems.
  10. And these panels were maxing out at 120 watts the first day, tested independently. Now they seem average at best. My buddy beside me is doing a bit better with old panels, mounted on an arch. One of mine is on the lifeline so is in shade most of the day, 60 percent ir so
  11. They aren't as far as I can see, each one is at least a module away from the box. I'm sure I am losing amps from the heat, and I would think it will only get worse.
  12. This is what it looks like, near the far centre is no droplets. My crappy Gioco 160 w flexible panel is under the new rigid one, the other new one is on the cockpit lifeline. Both seem to be working, even on overcast day is 4-5 amps combined.
  13. Sorry for the late reply, cell service can be spotty here. The panels I thought were cheap Asian made, I didn't have a lot (any really) of time to source as I was not expecting to take my boat on this trip. Turns out these panels are Saronic, Germany. It also looks like both panels have hot spots. This morning we had a light rain, I looked at the beading water on them after it stopped and noticed both panels had evaporated the water from one cell on each panel. Warm to the touch on that local spot too. Am I taking these back when I return in a month? After looking at this I can totally see the
  14. I used to absolutely love water skiing (slalom of course) and boy am I ever paying for it now. Hitting the water at 50 mph can hurt. 2 back injuries, broken eardrums, ect. I'm sitting at anchor in the Broken Group with my 13 yo granddaughter listening to good although low volume music wondering if I should take a pain killer... we all were young you know. Gonna help her with her first salmon tomorrow, that should be fun!
  15. Thanks guys, it's a remote place, bad place to have a fire.
  16. I don't think the controller is bad, no previous issues with it. I'm more concerned about starting a fire... it is a cool day with a fresh breeze, full sun. I was expecting 75 w. Max out of this.
  17. I'm in the Broken Group, west coast of Van Isle. I bought 2 cheap 100 watt rigid panels before I left to replace the crapping out 160 watt flexible panel on my bimini. I throw one up there to test and it is producing 118 watts. Is this normal? Victron charge controller, 3 firefly batteries, I don't want to bugger them up.
  18. It stops no one from committing a murder, obviously. Some people need to have their jail cells welded shut, and a pill on the shitter to take.
  19. Yup, this has been going on for years. I have no issue helping with real issues they need fixing that we have caused, I would like to see more accountability from native leadership. I see too much abdication of social issues that must come from within their own leadership. I have some very close native friends, and they are my friends for life, and always will be. We need to fix this, somehow. It will not be done without inteospection on everyones behalf.
  20. Welcome back Hobot!
  21. He's sitting down, the girls behind him are standing. The flappers just behind him look fairly tall, they are on a taller bench, the one over his left shoulder has her finger in his ass crack. She has a knowing smirk.
  22. You would have to be utterly without a working mind to click on that.
  23. She needs to pay. This shit has to stop, lies add up, a la drumpf. Grow a spine as a society, and do what your 5th grade teacher tried to teach you. Ffs
  24. Even Henry Ford realised he could not sell his cars only to the rich. Without a middle class your economy will colapse.
  25. Please post a link to some, or Any republican solution for this.
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