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  1. Moored at Obstruction Pass. Winter cruising in the PNW is the inverse of summer, in that there is an abundence of wind and an absence of powerboats.
  2. I'm stuck at home with a cold during the first nice weekend we've had in a month. But at least that has given me time to edit this video footage I took a few weeks ago. With fall comes back the wind!
  3. Bringing human power to bear on such a large vessel would be an interesting challenge.
  4. The sailing in the San Juans was good this weekend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hIl-awhCkc
  5. My boat, overpowered with the big genoa but cranking along.
  6. I redid my barrier coat and bottom paint and just put the boat back in today.
  7. Get rig of the green stuff and rust stains and switch out those two silly looking wheels and you'd have a pretty boat.
  8. The bulb was 1.4 kg, so about 3 lbs. The Northwind is a light boat at 5.4ish lbs total. I think customs might have taken the bulb, it went into a box to ship internationally and didn't come out again. I'm pretty sure lead is not supposed to get shipped as it is technically poisonous. I took the Soling out for the first time today. It is a fun boat to sail in a different way than the 95 and made some impressive wakes in the puffs. It weighs as much as my other two boats combined.
  9. I got a new to me Soling yesterday, so I can race with the local fleet (the DF 95 is a little unfair in some conditions with a mixed fleet). Along with the 36-600 rebuild my fleet is starting to look better.
  10. That thing is cool. As I've just graduated yacht design school, I'm kind of interested in design in something like that.
  11. I always liked this pic I snapped of Comanche at the Sydney to Hobart start last year.
  12. The 125 is very interesting from a design and engineering perspective, but it won't be able to compete in some races like Sydney to Hobart, which I think kind of defeats the point. It will be cool to see it though.
  13. The US is not the only sailing venue in the world. They have sold many in Europe.
  14. Sounds cool. Judging by the success of the 50 it will probably be a Juan K design.
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