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  1. Better than Ontario, there renters are totally exempt and it is up to operators to judge competency. And in Ontario EVERY water LEO will check to see if you have your boaters card on your person, used to be an easy $200 fine for them and no doubt that has increased. I've been asked to produce a boaters card countless times. In a canoe. Only once on a sailboat.
  2. But where do Newfies fit in? I'm still waiting for the middle aged single/divorced unapologetic coke & whores sailing channel.
  3. Harumph, my daily is a Fiat turbo that has lasted 100k and 4 Wisconsin winters. And a few years ago I towed a Landcruiser out of a snowy ditch. Then again, I have been called looney.
  4. Well in 2 years he's managed to motor from the Netherlands down to Cape Verde, Conex boxes washed off ships have made better time. But now he's off to Brazil. Or the Caribbean, or Puerto Rico. Maybe. Better get that $2k in fast to reserve a slot. And I say motor, seeing as there isn't a single pic of that barge with the sails up.
  5. Admire the proportions, in a Maestro cartoon boat kind of way. And the owners sense of humour.
  6. Yeah if you think sailing Youtubers to tough to stomach, the auto side of Youtube I'd say is even worse. Not sure what's worse, "We're fixing a cheap boat!" or "Fixing the cheapest Lamborghini in the US". Equal amounts of hamfisted fuckery.
  7. Bertone didn't just style those, they actually hand built them in Italy. Old school Italy. They actually are really nicely done. Turns out, getting somebody to shell out boutique prices on a Volvo was a tough sell.
  8. Yeah, they did have some misses. Meh. Known a few people that bought some 15yr JDM cars & bikes, all had been sitting on a dock for years and full of problems, along with saltwater corrosion.
  9. Not for nothing, but your tour guide was in error. Largest Winnie-The-Pooh's in Canuckistan, and the planet, are on the other coast in Canada. We're talking 1000lb Black Bears. And yeah, Winnie The Pooh was Canadian.
  10. Canuckistan has only gone downhill since they got rid of stubbies.
  11. Am I missing something? On the Great Lakes there have been plenty of US flagged boats coming across the border, just for the change of scenery if nothing else. Are things different on the Left Coast? https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/travel-voyage/pb-pp-eng.html#s05
  12. Worse. An unapologetic ex-canadian. And I've learned it's easier to turn a Scientologist against the tribe than the die-hard Canadians.
  13. Do not forget rewriting NAFTA, wiping the floor with Canada in the process, opening the Cheese Curtain kimono. The only world leader not beholden to China, and bringing back how many $Bil in trade deficit? Steel & aluminum smelters that had been practically mothballed opened up again. Trade unions backing a Republican Trump was not because they were pickup driving illiterates from fly-over states. Now the East Coast of The Socialist Police State Of Canuckistan is a different beast entirely. There is family money, more oil than Saudi Arabia, and zero chance of breaking class ba
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