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  1. First time out in such conditions. Unfortunately super gusty so struggling to find an upwind mode but happy we kept it upright (most of the time).
  2. Background image from the AC page.
  3. I guess for just messing around two hours should be fine and achievable. But during a regatta day I don't want to think about battery life or fiddle with a phone in a bag.
  4. This is a great idea. A first search on Ebay even gives some waterproof results. I sailed with GPS speed on the 14 before and I feel it's really usefull on a boat where the speed difference between upwind modes can be so significant. And for topspeed bragging rights of course. That thing looks nice but doesn't really tick the affordable box. With some cheap Android device I fear that readability (especially when in a bag) and battery life won't be great.
  5. I'm looking for a SpeedPuck alternative to mount on my i14. I want to monitor live speed and export GPS tracks. I think the SpeedPuck is quite clumsy and a lot of device for just a small number. 10+ years after it's release there surely must be some alternatives. Any recommendations? In general I'm wondering why dinghy electronics are so expensive. Same thing with the T060. Is it just the production numbers or are the sensors so much better than what we have in smartphones?
  6. In what wind range will we see headsails flown from the sprit? And do they replace the forestay or will they have to furl in every manoeuvre?
  7. For anyone else not knowning how such a lock works:
  8. I use 3M Safety Walk 310 with sealed edges on the racks. It's been on for a year now and shows no sign of wear. It's a bit harsh but cheap, light, very easy to apply and sleek looking.
  9. I think your boat might fall under the Penultimate rule (1984 to 1995). I don't know about the rule changes and never saw an aluminium 14 mast, but even with modern 14s sails are not necessarily interchangeable because luff curve und length differ. Biggest problem with older (carbon) masts is that they are not nearly stiff enough to support the straight luffs and big heads of the new mains. I suspect it will be even worse with aluminium masts so you should look out for an old pinhead sail. I would try one of the FB groups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/i14usa/
  10. 2nd German Sailing League used them for the 2014 and 2015 season. Must have been the worst boat I have ever raced on. Too heavy for light wind, completely overpowered in above 15kts due to the lack of traveller or backstay. As soon as you drop the main, the forestay goes soft and the upwind angle suffers significantly. The winning strategy was to pull in main and vang as hard as the cheap hardware would allow and hike like crazy. After the 2014 season it became clear that those boats were not built for serious racing. The rudder stock as well as the keel had frightening amounts of pl
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