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  1. Gut hiking is what killed keelboat racing for me. Besides beeing super uncomfortable it just feels like you are not involved in racing and maybe you aren't. I hated it on the Melges and then again on the B/one and J70 which were not sailed with class rules in our national circuit. You just look down at the water and try to overcome the pain while questioning your role on board besides being ballast. Sportboat I enjoyed the most is the Streamline. Like a big 505, cheap, and rated faster than a Melges. But I guess people who like trapeze sailing just go with dinghies anyway.
  2. There are some designs and regattas documented in the German YACHT magazine but apparently nothing survided the war.
  3. I tried to fit one on a 14 during a long lockdown winter. Tried several configurations but it would be either illegal or an exploit (besides beeing impossible to get around a course ). Looks cool though.
  4. There has been some experimentation in the rc community. 3d printed moulds can be a good choice for single use applications or to create a plug. Drawbacks are: weak need extensive surface treatment not very precise (when it comes to parts like foils) not heat resistant (not suitable for prepreg/heat treatment) printing with some infill takes forever with high chances of failure (cnc parts can be continued if tool fails) However for large scale applications you can print a plug and then mill it down to it's final form.
  5. They sell the velcro as quick release. For me this feels like one of the safest options around. But at most of the events we are required to wear lifejackets which again require rash guards so the whole velcro thing is useless anyway.
  6. I believe the T3 doesn't comply with ISO 10862? Is there any product that does?
  7. Must have been brutal, everybody from the old guard here is still talking about this event Flensburger Förde is flatwater sailing and sheltered from the sea. Conditions like at the 2018 Euros are unusual, most of the time it's very managable. It's a tiny Partington rudder and this was the hardest part of learning the new boat. We come from a Bieker 4 with a low aspect rudder. After 2 years on the B6 the B4 feels like a classic dinghy. You can roll tack the old designs or do super quick double tacks at the start. The B6 is as maneuverable as a catamaran. I think you have to b
  8. If I do that the boat will turn into the wind and capsize onto me. You can see how badly the boat wants to luff because the jib was too open. When she pulled the jib in, the boat bore away after a while and we saved it. A faster way would be to hand over the sheet to my helm and dive to the new windward while the boat tacks. The second time it was on purpose because the vang ripped off. Yes, some of it is. I'm so excited for the worlds next year, it's the best place in Germany to spend the summer.
  9. I went through this season's footage to save the highlights before deleting hours of onboard video and thought you might enjoy this. This was our second season with the new boat and it felt like learning to sail all over again. After a typical hot summer without wind last year we had plenty this time. Never thought that tacking a boat would be a problem again. In the end it was great fun. Here is proof that we eventually learned how to do it. Still not able to pull this of in waves though
  10. In the comments on his other video he says the short keel doesn't retract completely. I like how he writes that it's perfectly normal to do chinese gybes all the time. Look at that sail trim, I think he is lucky the mast did not go inverted.
  11. What software do you use for drawing onto the video (live)? I'm planning to do something similar for ther German 14 class this winter but I want to make it more like a podcast and not a time consuming "produced" video.
  12. As I said, very basic It startet as a workout device as addition to pullup training and then we added tillers. This improved sheet/tiller handover a lot.
  13. This was a contender for the 2000 Olympics. I read about this boat before and always wondered what it looked like. Today i stumbled upon this. Looks like it didn't see much action during the last 25 years. What an odd boat. Does anybody know how it perfomed against the 49er? Are there pictures of it sailing? https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/mader-mach2-skiff-jolle-2-mann-2-trapeze-sonst-wie-fd/1851928010-211-10648
  14. I think Higher and Faster, despite it's age, is one of the best training/tutorials around. It helped me and many friends a lot. This season we started to record almost every session with a Gopro. We analyzed the footage right after sailing and set only one or two very specific goals for the next session. This brought our sailing to a whole new level. It also pushed us when we were out alone because we wanted the perfect maneuver on tape. We also went out in very tough conditions that we've avoided in the past because full speed footage is great motivation. We also built a very basic
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