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  1. It doesn't need a barge. Matson R/0 R/0 container ships sail between the West Coast and Hawaii several times a week. However, now you're adding $5000-$10,000 to the price and maybe more if you need a trailer. A cradle would work, but then you're paying crane time and, as you can't sail into HH or most harbors post 9-11, trucking fees. Also, where would you find a cradle here? There aren't empty ones sitting around and you can't swap with someone shipping this direction because no one's doing that. You could have one made, for what? Another five or ten grand, maybe less if you happen to kno
  2. Yep- there are some unused moorings out there. Broken, unsafe, in a minefield of derelict half and fully sunken boats, surrounded by homeless encampments on and off the water, druggies, thieves, blasted by jet engines 20 hours a day, downwind from a cement factor; you get to go back and forth with no place to put your dinghy other than some cock-a-roached spot with an unsavory Lagoon-atic sizing up your outboard...paradise.
  3. Anyone who thinks price is the impediment doesn't know our harbor situation. The problem isn't the lack of buyers; the problem is the lack of places to put the boat once you've bought it. Unless you're willing to somehow work the system, such as an illegal sublease, you're unlikely to get into one of state harbors for years. In the meanwhile, you'll find boats sitting in slips that haven't moved, also in years, and covered with tarps and potted plants. You'll also find empty slips and moorings that have needed repair for years. The only state surrounded by water has a miserable marina-moorin
  4. I agree with the above- celebrity entertainers and athletes are mortal beings, like us all. What's more, they aren't heroes, in the classic sense of the word. They are fallible human beings with extraordinary abilities. I admit to being moved by the ceremony before yesterday's Laker game, mostly by the photos of Kobe's family. At the same time, we in Honolulu are experiencing the loss of two young (thirties) police officers who were shot "above the vest." I don't want to picture what that means. They were responding to a call regarding an armed, deranged man stabbing and killing his
  5. Someone with a better knowledge of statistics can answer: was Kobe and his fellow passengers in more danger in a helicopter or on the LA freeways? I know there are more fatal traffic accidents than helicopter crashes, but per capita? I'm guessing that it's disingenuous, at the least, to say "I'll never get in a chopper," while having two or more cars sitting in the driveway that get used without a thought to the potential for deadly harm. Am I right or wrong?
  6. What is the ICW really like? I know there are some open water portions, but for the most part is it a canal? Are they really in mortal danger for the vast majority of the time? I'm picturing a lot of redneck naval architecture in that environment, along with the seasonal sport fishermen roaring around, bow up, with the helmsmen quaffing Long Island Ice Teas. Putting elitism aside, what are their chances of "making it," which I define is getting somewhere down the track-anywhere- without drowning or needing governmental resources in order to perform a rescue. I keep going back (sorry for th
  7. The Ed is right about everything except for just about all of the facts. The Oval Office was built during the Taft administration in 1909, copying the original oval Blue Room.
  8. I think that's my point. Yeah, they could've done it differently but it's not like they've taken off for Fiji and will inevitably have to be rescued by someone risking their life while incurring great expense. While I've never done it, the ICW seems like a good place to meander in relative safety. Later on, they'll probably get frustrated and get rid of the catamaran and move on to something bigger or better, or say to themselves, "Well, that was fun; now we need to get jobs." Personally, I don't like the idea of crowdsourcing, except perhaps for a true emergency, so I won't be contributin
  9. Sometimes our comments appear to be both elitist and paternalistic. "Back in my day, I had to serve two years before the mast, go 'round the horn the wrong way, build a boat from hand and navigate the stars. In the snow. Uphill, both directions." "These people need to spend thousands more and get a real boat, like I had several years ago, whether it nearly drove me to bankruptcy or not. That's how my dad did it and that's how I did it." "Kids today want everything for free...I had to earn it all the hard way." If you want to subscribe or donate or whatever, fine. If not, don't. I
  10. You got the wrong crowd in Waikiki. It's Kirin Ichiban, not Bud. Kanpai!
  11. In other words it's an Aussie version of Waikiki, other than the fact that we know how to spell "Beer."
  12. I am confident that the Preston is beyond its sell-by date. However, a barge with a crane would seem to make more sense that tying up a lane of freeway with a crane on the bridge. I realize that I know absolutely nothing about this subject so this is just an uninformed opinion.
  13. Gotcha. Guess the heater I bought from Fisheries Supplies for boats wasn't a good idea. I have never left it unattended, by the way. https://www.fisheriessupply.com/caframo-true-north-electric-space-heater-9206ca-bbx
  14. Here In Anacortes sits an Army Corp of Engineers snag boat, now serving as a museum. Do they not have these anymore?
  15. Yikes- I tossed and turned all night after reading... the horror...the horror... stories some of you are suggesting. I was kind of wondering if I am in imminent danger of a fiery death or worse, having to tell my wife that I screwed something up. Guess I'll have to meditate. Ohm. Ohm. Ohm.
  16. Finally, I'm getting some good information that even I can understand!
  17. present boat- that I'm living aboard more or less, is in Anacortes, WA. Temp in the 40's at night.
  18. Let me be honest: I know little about electricity other than the difference between AC and DC. I read The Last Days of Night and know what Telsa was working on versus Edison, who apparently was something of a con man. I can attach the green wire to the green wire and the red wire to the red wire. My-ahem- current problem is that I seem to have low voltage coming into my boat. I am plugged into a 30 amp outlet with a 20 amp breaker. How can I tell if the problem is with the electrical box on the dock or something with my boat? If I put a multimeter into the outlet, what do I look for? Wha
  19. Got way too many etched tumblers and engraved monkey pod bowls. Those laser cut metal Laser trophies would be a keepsake, that's for sure. Props to whomever sourced them for their regatta.
  20. The advice I was given- this was the 90's,- is to listen to the radio. If it was 100+ degrees is Medford, Oregon, take the main down. We did. And we didn't regret it.
  21. Been around Medicino in the dark. Before the sunset, when things started getting sporty, I re-read the directions to the life raft. Yeah, that was as gnarly as I'd want to experience.
  22. If they were going to get towed in, why transfer the crew to the CG rescue boat? Why not put a swimmer onboard the sailboat to take the helm, if the crew was disabled? Wouldn't staying aboard be safer than making the transfer? I'm certainly not criticizing the CG professionals; just wondering.
  23. I am concerned that's where the NFL is going. I guess my only point is that taking the human element out of the game also takes some of the entertainment away as well. it's hard to boo a computer because the computer doesn't care. Except HAL. HAL cares.
  24. I totally agree. But the changing rules are meant to more clearly define actions that we're able to see that the refs, without technology, cannot always perceive. I believe a lot of this has to do with our complaints about accuracy given that the TV and Jumbotron viewer is able to discern actions from multiple angles at speeds different from real time. Then the fans ask why the refs don't use the same technology we're using. Now, they are-although they sometimes still get it wrong- because they're confused by the labyrinthian rule structure designed to provide the clarity we've demanded. F
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