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  1. My wife and I have a rental house in Anacortes that we'd eventually like to use as a base for cruising in the PNW and B.C. This has caught my eye, at least for shorter trips. For ore extended cruising, I'd want to talk to the Maestro about a shower stall, hot water, and a swim step with dinghy davits. These, however, would reduce the functionality of the boat as a commuter. The last thing I'd want to do is screw up a piece of Bob's artwork. http://hunterbaywoodworking.com/gallery_evalena.php To me, this boat looks like nice furniture with a water view. I know it's for sale, but
  2. Are you telling me that Mr. Hand had a boat? I thought he only taught history.
  3. We lived in Denver during that blizzard. I had to abandon my K-car on Wadsworth Blvd in white-out conditions. It took my several hours to find it and dig it out the next day, because a non-existent snow plow buried it in a heap. The car had a stupid plastic gear that was part of the window raising/lowering system. At one point, I rolled the window down and held my head out the window in order to see. When I abandoned the car, the gear broke and I couldn't raise the window. That was before the snow plow came by. Anyone else have to shovel out the INSIDE of a car? Denver had plows and sn
  4. That's what I've been looking for: a carbon fiber Thunderbird. Anybody have Jim Bett's phone number? I want him to get started right away. On second thought...
  5. In my experience, when clubs have a membership drive with deep discounts on the initiation fees, or eliminate the fee altogether for a period of time, the people who join are uninterested in sailing, racing, fishing, or any other kind of boating that might take them away from the subsidized ( by dues) drinks at the bar. They complain that the regatta awards ceremony interferes with summer league basketball on TV. They're the first to shout opinions at the annual meeting, rant about juniors hanging out on the lawn (Get off my lawn!) and sailors in salt-crusted clothing. They run away when dues
  6. While knowing nothing about nothing, I am sure that it's more complex than simply saying, "Here, take this design but use GRP instead of that carbon stuff." Load predictions, scale, displacement, and much more must come into play. I hope the boat makes it from the virtual world to the watery world in the future!
  7. If Dave (who's not here, man), wanted a CF of Bob's design, and is now thinking of a GRP boat from Sweden Yachts, did he consider the same material for the former? I understand that somebody besides Betts would need to have built it, but it would've been less expensive.
  8. I'll bet he's really popular down under today after his friendly call to your Aussie PM.
  9. One seat for Granny and one for Ellie May.
  10. "What do you get when you take LD with Lutefisk? A bad trip to Ballard." Not so much anymore; it doesn't seem to be the Sven and Ole fishing town it once was.
  11. Those are not trash buckets, they are halyard and other lines tail bags, I don't like lines running all over my interior and they tend to get dropped down the hatch, so the (very light weight) fabric bags keep it all neat and tidy below. Ah- brilliant. I agree that the slop is disagreeable. We mostly, race, so there are long noodles all over the place down below.
  12. TWO trash cans by the companionway? My God, think of the extra weight!
  13. Saw the boat in the water at RQYS late last week (got a thirty minute pass from visiting the grandkids). It's a beautiful machine. Say, can I borrow it for the Transpacific Yacht Race (Transpac) next year? We'll take really, really good care of it!
  14. Eric E: great information! Thank for the hard work you put into your response. A+
  15. Some of you are quite knowledgable about this subject, which I find fascinating. When I received my degree in history, apparently nothing other than Europe existed, at least until Marco Polo discovered Asia. Badda Boom. All the history I learned was all from a western (read white) perspective. I ask: there is some evidence that the first ancient Polynesians who sailed to Hawaii heard legends of the islands preceding their departure? Where would those legends have come from? Was there somebody here before the first ancient Polynesian immigrants? Did those folks have a vague concept about H
  16. Great update and story. Sorry about the wheel, but I imagine it's repairable. Better that than blowing up the traveller, which would have been no fun at all.
  17. Terry: are these the same people who Sometimes it's an invasion that triggers exploration by the refugees, When the Chinese invaded Taiwan about 5,000 years ago the indigenous people were displaced .. some moved inland and are known today as the Mountain People. Others were fishermen so they looked out for other alternatives and found the Philippines Malaysia Indonesia New Guinea and eventually about 3000 years ago they started on the Pacific Ocean. Of course this did not happen over night and there was a lot of intermarriage along the way which accounts for differences betw
  18. HI HD, When are you coming to visit? It's surprising how much room there is, the trick is to getting both runs to be off the wind! This is the benefit of just practicing rather than racing, at least we're not constricted by a waypoint. Having said that, from the bottom of Green Island where we set off to off, to near Tangalooma on Moreton Island is approx 17nm, a nice reach in traditional wind patterns. We were belting along having fun, a gybe back out to give us some sea room, then gybe back and off again. After a while, I check the chart. 2nm to go, so time for a gybe away from the isla
  19. Were those videos in Moreton Bay out of RQYS? It seems like you'd run out of usable water pretty quickly at those speeds--though I am confident in your confidence about where to go and no go.
  20. "Hawaiidart, please do me a favor and don't put words in my mouth. I said absolutely nothing about 'proving anything' but merely posted a link to the most recent exploits of Hokule'a." Max: I apologize if my words were poorly stated or misconstrued. It's the damn sleezy press, mostly Megan Kelly and that Mexican judge picking on me again. I'll stick to the teleprompter next time. I certainly wasn't meaning to comment on your post; I was trying to reflect on the purpose and passion for this voyage for the uninitiated. We are all proud of the Hokele'a and her crew sailing that rather
  21. They're just leaving NYC after a presentation at the United Nations building. They are NOT proving anything- it's not the intention. They have modern satellite communications, get towed in and out harbors when necessary, and even have a North Sails jib enabling them to point a bit higher. This isn't a replica voyage showing that the ancient Polynesians circumnavigated the globe. They not looking for ancient Polynesian burial sites in Iceland. It is an attempt to raise cultural awareness to indigenous peoples, along with awareness of the environmental dangers to our oceans. It's a cool thi
  22. TWO boats as cool as those in the same vicinity? It's not fair to the rest of us!
  23. Hawaiidart


    I couldn't believe they continued to separate for a while, after being hooked. It would seem to me that sailing parallel would have been advisable. At the end of the clip, the two boats are sailing off into the distance, side by side. Are they still snagged? It's hard to tell from the video, but it doesn't look like it.
  24. Hawaiidart


    It's amazing both masts didn't come down. A Japanese charterer on my boat (starboard) hooked another port tack boat's backstay in the final Asahi Cup out here. My alloy mast crumpled. The carbon mast on the other boat exploded. Then, still hooked together, both boats came back together at speed, causing a bunch of hull damage. How those two avoided a similar fate must be either skill or luck.
  25. I'm headed to Brisbane, QLD for Christmas with my daughter (an American), her husband and two little ones, whom I can barely understand. Between the accents and idioms (jumpers and trainers? Really?) we feel like they're speaking some other language. And Brisbie this time of year? It can't be more than a few miles from the gates of hell. I'd take a chilly holiday in the Pacific Northwest of the USA any time over the heat and humidity of QLD right now. I can't even imagine what Darwin must be like in the Austral summer. It must actually be hell.
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