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  1. thanks, tried but to no help. I have new terminators coming in the mail, so ill try to replace backbone cables and terminators /B
  2. You can use TWD to calibrate log. Meaning go close to shore up and down stream, and adjust speedo so that the TWD is the same going against and with current
  3. Depending of how accurate you want you speedo, you can spend a whole lot of time on it (we have) I would suggest calibrating while sailing upwind in the boat speeds you are sailing most of the time. This way the speedo would be accurate most of the time. The pressure from the sails on the hull and the heel of the boat makes it really hard to calibrate the speedo accurately. Keep notes for all the adjustments and adjust often. This way you incrementally remove calibration errors. If you are using true wind angle this is really important to get right. Peter Isler (North U) has a great video you
  4. Hi all, We had our first sailing last week, and out instruments where dead. Yesterday I found out a fuse was gone. Once replacing the fuse everything seemed normal except the h5000 Hercules, 3D motion sensor was not visible on the network from the h5000 graphic displays or my Zeus 2 plotter. When I log in using iPhone to the cpu it finds other devises but it takes time. on the diagnostics it’s a few high speed RX and TX errors and some normal. I dissasemled the backbone, so I only had 1 h5000 display, plotter 3D motion and cpu. CPU finds plotter and display but not 3D motion, disp
  5. Hands down the Farr30 is the most rewarding, and fun boat I have ever sailed. The difference from most other boats is the huge power and feel and the response when you do good and the pain when the trim is off. It is a small slave ship as it requires hard work to go fast. The boat is also simple with no runners and none overlapping jib All boats here would make you happy... I'm really happy with our Farr30.
  6. shitty photo but yes. It's to 100% carbon widsurfer masts joined by prepreg carbon fibre layup. We modified the bowarea at the waterline level for support. Works really good. It's 1.5m long. Supports 95sqm kite, we also use a bibtop Reacher and jib at the same time.
  7. Thanks, looks good. How is this for sailing in wind angles? Can we integrate with NMEA 2000? kind regards
  8. We have a similar system H5000 -> laptop with expedition. I use an app - Connectify Hotspot that creates a wifi using the on the laptop as a router. Saves energy and less cables and stuff. It has been really reliable so far. Ipad connects via wifi to laptop and I use remote desktop as it seems to be less laggy www.connectify.me
  9. Hi, I have been thinking of sailing double handed with my Farr 30 this year. We have a B&G H5000 instrument system setup wich works great and now we need a tiller autopilot. So far I'm thinking 1) simple tiller autopilot with N2K support should work (Simrad or Raymarine) 2) Raymarine has a tiller arm that possibly could be connected with the h5000 pilot computer - this is most likely the best solution, perhaps overkill For option 2 to work I would need a rudder sensor installed.- any good Ideas to how that could be done above deck? or if there is a tiller d
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