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  1. When did you stop beating your wife? Remember: if your answer is to raise issues about the way I framed that question, you're not being responsive. Because apparently... that's how that works, according to you. ? Up your game.
  2. I, too, am old enough to remember when 2 megapixels was considered "high resolution". But nowadays? Your regular, everyday smartphone has a camera boasting 10 or 12. On higher-end phones (the kind a successful drug dealer might own), 20-40 is not uncommon. Samsung's latest flagship has a 108 megapixel camera (and a 48, and a 12).
  3. I have a couple co-workers like that. Where, you know, I can see the logic... One's an Australian aboriginal the other's Black. They each point to specific examples, within the last 100 years, of their people being used a guinea pigs, without their consent (or even notification). I'm supposed to tell them they're just being paranoid? The medical establishment to earn that trust, and it'll take awhile. I see it as legitimate, and have decided to not worry about it. It's just those two, out of ~50 staff, so they can be protected by herd immunity.
  4. Sure you can. But your insurance will leaving you hanging, when the downstairs neighbor sues (after your garbage disposal meets the building's 100-year-old cast iron pipes).
  5. seen on twitter: Gaetz is having a major minor problem. Biden's having a minor Major problem.
  6. Lemaitre was Astrophysics, not Biology. The reason his name's familiar, is he came up with the Big Bang Theory. Not sure how common it is to know that.
  7. frenchie


    Made me look up how the trial is going. Thank you. I didn't know you could lose hundreds of thousands, before the trial even starts, like that. Just by losing enough of your own preliminary motions. Must admit, he's creative.
  8. So, a tenth (?) accuser came forward. Says... he kissed on both cheeks. In front of her husband & son. She insists it was not just him "being Italian", claims he was being inappropriate & flirty throughout their whole interaction. Starting to feel embarrassed for my whole State.
  9. Wasn't a serious question, guys - just needed a title for the video...
  10. Hitchhiker's Guide is way better than LotRs anyways. Not to mention, precient enough to describe the device I'm typing this on...
  11. You're wrong about this, too. Fox News is the whole channel - pundits AND reporters. "Fox Media" isn't really a thing. You probably mean Fox Corporation, which owns Fox News & a bunch of other media companies (Fox Broadcasting, Fox Business, Fox Sports, Fox Entertainment, etc).
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