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  1. It is a strange edition from the boat builders/designers perspective. More questions about the latest generation of foils generated then answered in this “VG laboratory”. -How well could the C-foils (Boss and Arkea) have worked in the South? -Seems the other new-gen foilers are not living up to the promise, but maybe it is the weather indeed. The fact that apart from Maitre Coq non of the previous generation foilers are able to shake of the older boats with straight boards seems to point at this. - I am inclined to put the distance L ‘occitaine made good in the South up to more
  2. Details :)... He has done an amazing job the last week, making the jump from the little peloton to the leaders. Dalin's description of his passage through the front on the VG site sound most unpleasant. Good reminder how tough it is out there, as is Ruyant's video. Coming week the conditions should favour the foilers as the wind and sea look like they will be a bit friendlier. Curious to see if the non-foilers will start to drop back. Also curious to see whether Boris Hermann's and Benjamin Dutreux more Northerly course will bring them something. Dutreux especially has become a
  3. Not nearly as much time as I would like to follow this edition of the VG, but it is once again living up to its reputation. Bust seriously guys, two pages of posts to read trough on this forum each evening? To add to the general confusion, my 2 cents on various bits. Gutted for those who have had to give up. The lack of pictures of Alex’s damaged rudder. Probably a PR decision, the repair story was kind of a positive one. Man breaks boat and fixes it. That is fine for the ATR and Hugo Boss brands. Alex looking sad next to a broken rudder, is not such a good story. Make sure ther
  4. Thank whomever you belief in that kevin escofier is safe. Le cam, the legend grows.
  5. They are allowed under the rules of the VG to advise on how to carry out repairs (and/or deal with medical emergenies).
  6. The HB update sounds like the a stringer or something similar has come loose from the shall in front of the watertight hatch. Could have happened at any time since the last inspection. If the extend of the damage is as indicated, it should be fixable. Hopefully it will not be a "Camper scenario" regluing one structural bit after another on the way to Cape horn. No outside assistance, so Alex cannot just wait for Kevin "bricollage" Escoffier to come by and help out. Will take some time to grind, re-glue and cure. Seems Alex will have to find some other boats to race (Paprec?, L'occitaine?
  7. You may have posted this in the wrong thread. I am also wondering about this question, but have not been able to find out much.
  8. Hope Alex Thomson can fix his boat and stay in the race. Curious to hear what they have to say this evening. The second group is quite interesting as well. Le Cam still being the official face of the non-foil resistance. Otherwise a good bunch of sailors on (mostly) optimised Gen 1 foilers (and Arkea). HAs anyone ever heard whether all his systems are working again. Not having reliable wind input for the system (including auto pilot?) would seem less than ideal. Coming days look like a headache for the leaders. Curious to see how fast they can go in the Souther Ocean.
  9. Not sure, possibly Vincent Riou (2004-2005), IRRC he was in the lead by the Cape Verdies at least. But maybe not yet on day 7.
  10. Love the race Le Cam is sailing, but fully expect more of the foilers to overtake him before Cape of good hope. Barring a hell of a lot lot of boats breaking, he should not have a shot at the podium places. He is more than capable of beating some of the foilers, but not the top bunch. Last race he was the second non-foiler (by a very, very slim margin), but took 80 days to get round which was 6 days slower than the winner. This time, the fastest boats expect to be back in around 70 days, hard to see where Yes we Cam will find that sort of performance gain. Alex Thomson has a nice little b
  11. Work has been too busy to follow the race properly, but I am hoping to be able to pay closer attention the coming time. Some questions (and unfounded opinions) for those with more time. Did we get news that Armel Tripon has been able to fix everything that was broken, or is the boat still “compromised”? He now seems stuck in light airs. Too bad he is no longer in the same weather as the other boats, as the match up of his foiling-scow with the other foilers was something to look forward to. Seems Arkea had to take some time of racing to fix the wind instruments on top of his rig. Do
  12. Can't imagine what it would be lilke to sail into the first night of a Vandee Globe. Normally, I always love it when it turns dark at sea for the first night of a trip, but to know that you will have to get yourself around the world on an IMOCA... That you will be out there for the best part of 3 months. After all the emotions, the preparation, good byes, the convoy through the channel and the start. Then there is just a cold night coming up. Brave people out there. Looks like the coming 24 hours will be challenging enough to get West. Curious to see how things look by tomorrow.
  13. Jean le Cam also alluded to some additions to the HB foils in an interview on the Vendee-site. Could be a thing the Boss team had planned long in advance, but only wanted to implement when they were sure the foils did not have to come out again.
  14. As far as the predictions game: I am assuming a boat of the latest generation will win this one (sorry, Sam Davis and Kevin Escoffier). Below my interpretation of where the various teams are at. I go for Charal, Hugo Boss and Apivia as the 3 on the podium. But then again, you would also expect at least 1 of them to be forced to retire, because that is the way things go in this race (no folks, not necessarily Alex Thomson;) ). Below my impression of the different teams, for what it is worth. Charal – My favourite for the win. Most time sailing of this generation of IMOCAs,
  15. Very good video. Interesting that Sam Davis' team has decided to shorten the rig and lighten the keel to get a more balanced match with the foils.
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