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  1. The new Jeanneau Riviera, sick. Some say they're a bit of a brick in the water but the accomodations make up for it.
  2. It says Islander 30 in the ad. From the pics and price, I'd consider buying it. Must have been looking for the other Craigslist thread.
  3. The great thing about converting to two backstays is that you only need half as many attachment points. Brilliant really.
  4. I've never seen a C27 interior like this before. Custom??
  5. "Catalina 30...one of the best racer / cruisers available" https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/boa/6051121400.html I will say that I have nothing against Catalinas as I have one, but I've never seen a statement like the one above or a C30 fitted out for racing like this one has.
  6. ... and it's floating around hitting other people's boats now. Even though the guy knows its loose.
  7. You could always find a balance between small enough to toss in the pond and large enough to cross an ocean... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lReTd6V33MM .. But seriously, i've wanted to get into RC sailboats for awhile. I think it would be awesome to hook up a live feed from the stern with a fish-eye shot showing the trim and surrounding and a super long range remote-thingy.
  8. The boat is free to a good home now... http://annapolis.craigslist.org/boa/5973599662.html
  9. Had some strong winds for the past day here and I found a similar scenario on may way into work this morning. This is on Weems Creek where if you recall, we had the recent Ranger 28 sinking as well as plenty of other strong candidates. This Columbia 26 is one of many that go out there to slowly perish. Not sure of the bottom state there, but I believe there is rip-rap for the bridge, just not sure how far it goes and if the keel is banging around there.
  10. Pretty well used for never being in the water. Pretty sure someones been squating in it for a few years at least.
  11. That would be pretty ironic looking back on how Dorade's seaworthiness was perceived
  12. That boat has a really small interior for a 28 foot boat. (pic 5) This boat sank on Thursday. I saw it being raised on Saturday so I stopped by the boat ramp just near it to check it out. Two people sitting in lawn chairs watching and I came up saying "lost another one, huh?" (a different boat sank and was raised on the same creek this year). They said they were the owners I quickly sobered up my tone but the boat had been listed on craigslist for two years using the sales brochure from '78. I spoke with the guy for a bit and he was just concerned about salvaging the engine. As
  13. Whaaa? The new Mac26?? So confusing. A rig like that paired with a 70hp motor is 6th mode. More freeboard than SA though.
  14. /\ I drive by this boat on Weems creek on my way to work everyday. I think it was either early spring or last fall I noticed it's waterline raising day by day until there was just 10' of mast and the butt of that dingy sticking up. Stayed like that for a couple weeks, then one day all the sudden it's floating again on it's mooring (wtf?). Not sure who covered the cost to re-float it just to sit there and continue to look like shit and never move, still all tattered from spending some time in the drink. I have a feeling that the somewhat well off residents chipped in and they would rather have
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