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  1. And here from the race before. (youtube has auto-translated subtitles)
  2. Another great Isabelle video clip by Ronan Gladu.
  3. Sorry, I don't know this story. Anyway, I think Sergio Mendes has had a bit of a revival recently, especially with young people, because of this: Funny, I had completely forgotten that this was Sergio Mendes' music:
  4. Addendum trivia: The new series, about young Morse, is called Endeavour.
  5. ate mainly bread, cheese and apples boat is fun and confident almost all the way on windvane terrifying keel vibration when surfing at 9 knots
  6. First arrivals in Lanzarote: 1 - #88 Numbatou / Etienne Messikommer 2 - #07 Menawan / Michal Krysta 3 - #47 Origami / Peter Kenyon Some interesting observations about how these boats sail:
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