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  1. PT-11 folk, how does the dinghy hold up to abuse? Do you ever load crab/shrimp pots? Beautiful boats. We're considering one, but are wondering if protecting the interior from inevitable wear is necessary.
  2. I wonder if the marina considered a mooring field, since they're reserving the whole bay anyway. Considered how busy Pirate's and DeCourcey Island get, I'd image there would be a demand. Not that I would personally prefer a mooring field - but if this 'private water lot' ownership allows the marina to prevent anchoring, moorings might at least reduce some of the crowding in nearby anchorages.. I doubt they'd actually relocate a vessel without notice (and if you were onboard, I'd imagine you'd be able to put up enough of a fit to prevent it). Do they have any authority to ticket/fin
  3. Ajax: Did you get it working? I would be curious to hear what your SoH and battery age are after a few cycles. I installed an SG200 about 9 months ago and it settled into 93%SoH for me. The problem is my AGM batteries are 8 years old... so 93% seems impressively high and I'm suspicious.
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