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  1. Odd, my Dubarry boots bottoms turned hard as a rock and were like wearing ice skates. A few years ago at the NPT boat show the Dubarry rep told me that they had a problem with some of the soles, sold me a pair on the spot for 50% off the show SALE price. No proof of ownership, nothing. The original boots were a few years old and had some mileage. New ones are great so far, old ones became my winter snow shoveling boots after I belt sanded the bottoms. Some might give them a hard time for not just replacing them but I never pursued it with Dubarry and I thought the rep at the show did me a
  2. I just replaced my 3.3hp 2 stroke carb. (same engine I believe). No, there is no spring that I saw for the throttle. Just friction alone keeps it in place.
  3. SeaTows automated radio check is finished: https://mariners.coastguard.blog/2020/10/19/performing-a-vhf-marine-radio-check/ Sea Tow Automated Radio Check System no longer available: For several years, Sea Tow operated an Automated Radio Check System, which was available on VHF Channels 24 to 28 for the benefit of mariners in over 130 locations. However, on October 2nd, 2020 that service was discontinued.
  4. The engine surprisingly ran fine but overheated when run WFO. When I sliced it open at work, I couldn’t believe the engine ran at all. I too went with the same stainless elbow mentioned above. 1/2 of my mess was given to the boatyard general manager to use as a visual aid for customers.
  5. If anyone is interested in what a Yanmar elbow looks when the engine barely runs.
  6. As a self confessed TV freak with too many tv’s & gizmos, you bring up an excellent point? Why? I ask myself that frequently. Why indeed...
  7. Try out this place, R&W rope warehouse. Their annual sale pre-vid was awesome. A shit ton of end of spool and remnants sold by the pound. Some amazing deals, but like the Defender Sale, well worth the visit. They are doing a virtual sale now. I've scored some amazing deals there. https://rwrope.com/
  8. A little bit different. When on a trailer or cradle or stands, the point loading is concentrated on a very small area. When its on the water, the loads are on the entire wetted surface. A long time ago a friend had a keel model O'Day Mariner, same issue. It had sagged and distorted the ribs (???) inside. We jacked up the keel as best we could and I glassed some reinforcement in. None the worse for wear and we sailed the shit out it.
  9. Maybe put a little more info in the ad? The normal stuff, draft, engine, overall condition, year built, sail inventory, accessories, interior specs and pics, etc. might help.
  10. Any of you geniuses have an idea of the size of a J35 deck? Non skid area.
  11. How many quarts did you use? Just trying to get an idea if I do my decks.
  12. Premium does have teak and holly, I'm sure. They have a lot of different plywood and are really nice guys to work with. I bought from Boulter once and they cut it into 3 pieces lengthwise for no charge (I was there in person and they offered, made lashing it to the roof racks easier). May help in shipping prices if you can get it in pieces.
  13. I don't know where you are I've used both Premium Plywood in Hyannis MA and Boulter Plywood in Medford MA for teak and holly.
  14. As I understand it, and this is from Hinckley, holly was used because it’s annual expansion/contraction rate is very similar to teak. I had the pleasure of repairing a Pilot 35 sole and discussed the repair with them. And it was a pleasure, start to finish.
  15. Hah. My ex wanted one to see over the dodger until I told here that was the name. I was looking forward to building one.
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