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  1. Unfortunately Israel is not fighting legal battles, they are more in the business of creating facts with their settlers. Those settlement actions are deemed by the UN and the UN security council to break international law which in my eye would make Israel a rogue nation which is surprisingly still getting full support from r.g. the US (opposed for example to Russia for their similar action in Crimea and Ukraine ). And this is the main reason why there can't be peace in that region, simply because Israel can't accept the facts and always stokes the fire. Like the current escalation has n
  2. And of cause the Israelis did nothing to escalate the situation upfront by radical Jews seeking eviction of Palenstines by some strange laws or closing down places where traditionally the end of Ramadan is celebrated Letting alone all the illegal occupation of foreign land. Welcome in your own pink world. It's really amazing how Israel always manages the assume the role of victim.
  3. AFAIK 03:30, 09:30, 15:30, 21:30 UTC
  4. The US and Germany alone invested over 3 billion in the development of a Covid-19 vaccine (apart from payment programs for general research over the years) apart from the guaranteed purchases to secure the preproduction before admission or clearance by health agencies. Please show me the billions invested by VCs up front. The biggest that i found with a quick search was some 450 million for Moderna 2015 and some other single or low double digit millions for others developing mRNA technology.
  5. Serbia is not a member of the EU. It still has candidate status (as some other "leftovers" of that conflict). Croatia and Slovenia as members of that conflict on the other hand are EU member
  6. How much did those VCs invest compared to the governments? Now that the first mRNA vaccines were pulled off successfully there are most likely additional profit opportunities coming up for different illnesses. Let alone the quite possible need for regular Covid shots for a while to manage the mutations.
  7. What patents in that area do the US companies really hold? The most successful vaccine was developed in Germany
  8. Just passed the last small island for possible grounding and on a straight run of about 5 hours to the finish.
  9. There really seems to be a risk being in the GUI while either programation points or waypoints are passed. Had a case today where i had to direction changes (not waypoints) programmed and was in the GUI during the first one and instead of just doing the change the confirmation button on the wheel popped up. When i didn't confirm the turn wasn't made. So basically the manual steering popped up even though programation was active.
  10. Uhh, Tunnel with the next pit stop. Run out of beer already again?
  11. Looking at the fleet: A lot of people do
  12. Anyone going for the gap between Gotland and Farö?
  13. Full pack and still visiting Gotland Hope you had a nice stay
  14. Almost got you there in the end but not quite . Well done all finishers. First race within 4.000 after the Vendee i think. Quite a lot tougher field recently, before the Vendee i'm quite sure that would have been around the 1.000 mark.
  15. Forecast changed again quite a bit during the last 24 hours. Instead of straight run a couple of gybes.
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