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  1. Rotfl, even though i hate the guy he would beat DeSantis into the ground no questions asked.
  2. Mr. Blow Job hired only 48 hours after stating "there is no supply chain crisis" a industry person to advise on supply chain problems. Another job well don Blow Job. Brexit really is the gift which keeps on giving for the EU.
  3. We would still speak German. Thankfully it changed but the language is not to mourn. And those AU, NZ or UK "war heroes" would not exist except for the US and USSR. Laughable to think those Aussies made a difference.
  4. #1 in getting people killed in the more industrialzed nations. Don't trust the numbers of e.g. Brazil, China or India, but still job well done MAGAs. Be the death with you
  5. Another milestone surpassed: Spanish Flu is history. Well done #1.
  6. Again a load of BS by you. As already pointed out you talk about the in your twisted mind cynical intentions of the EU while denying even thinking about it some lines before. Regarding the NI protocol: This was negotiated by your unelected Brexit minister Frosty, who later claimed that he didn't understood what it implied (ROTFL), and signed by Mr. Blow Job and the EU. What resulted with the customs border between NI and the rest of the UK was the one option to prevent a hard border between NI and RI which would've jeopardized the Good Friday Agreement (and in further steps jeopardized an
  7. So if you dodged so much and also saved the additional £350M/week why do the Tories need to increases taxes to finance anything?
  8. Gray Davis got terminated thanks to Enron. Lets see if G. Newsom survives. I really hope so. That radio host would be a embarissment.
  9. None of the jobs are where the unemployed are and most most of the unemployed want to do the jobs offered. Welcome to the great new world
  10. The problem with your counter is that 600k never die from to flu with the countermeasures in place for Covid
  11. Already proven not to be the case. Long haul is independent of severeness.
  12. Yeah, those Botox loads really helped her not vary her facial expressions.
  13. Good riddance, another job not well done by this idiot. Rightfully removed from his post as it appears.
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