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  1. I once sold a Laser for more than I bought it... and a Spiral.... The 470 on the other hand......
  2. Yes all about to change here in Malta. At the YC waiting for Rambler to finish. Have been putting up daily recaps/reports, yesterday's while sailing myself - been a bit of a wait
  3. Just less likely to get drone clearance when the air is full of major broadcast helicopters. Trust me - I tried this year to get a drone up....
  4. I need airfares, accomm, my manager to say yes, a sponsor and a shirt
  5. At media briefings and at the race briefing we are told no live vision of anything to do with “racing” from the moment we are on the water at midday, through until 3pm.
  6. Sorry if I didn’t read properly. Also hard now as sharing information or advice on plans probably means that it will get taken off me and produced in house, like on the Big Boat Day, and now with the finish.... Our info is our only IP really, and the CYC is on a path to use their internal staff to replicate what they pick and choose alongside 7’s coverage.
  7. Not possible because of the below. I am not able to stream ANY moving pictures live and there is an embargo until two hours after the start. All above is completely correct, but the 7 copyright only covers the start. If you knew the full deal you would be as horrified as I am. Why I said above that I need your support while I am half in and half out so to speak. There is no way around it in the short term but to work with them.
  8. I have done just that before the start every year for the past seven........ The CYCA signed some sort of agreement for all visual rights about 12 years ago......... I risk getting sued going against them so I need the CYCA to get themselves out before I can do anything.... But yes letter stating that I should be doing more are helpful! The CYCA think they did a good job on social media this year, which they did..... but there is good/ok and great... so saying to do more social isn’t enough, they need someone who knows that they are doing thanks - doing what I c
  9. I laughed out loud to the Clean comment. People are staring!! Wherever you are Clean !!!? I am sure you have way better things to do!
  10. Ps apologies for the massive post above but it was 30+ pages!!!!
  11. Agreed. I am working on my debrief for the CYC and my plan for next year now (whether that will be with the organisers depends on them letting me do it a little bit my own way too). I am putting together my feedback, and bits and pieces of the constructive stuff I have read here and in my comments/messages. Hey we are all thinking it - but I really am trying to action it! Lots of words and comments are one thing, actually working with the organisers to try make it better is another - and I am doing the best I can in that regard. Yeah... I was on the ground for 60 events last year. 50
  12. I just got to the end of the thread So here goes! Awesome work firstly by anyone who called the IB 60 over the 52 on IRC. One of my favourite interviews was with Winning Appliances, which I haven't seen here... I know right???!! To be clear for the start, I have never brought vision from on the water... Only audio. This year I wanted to make more of a point of not being able to bring vision, and was lucky enough to have a spot with the ABC, which they let me stream and bring to you in vision as well. Was pretty cool to be able to share sailing with t
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