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  1. WOW, very fine line between legend and wanker, after reading @ALL@SEA‘s link I’m thinking wanker in the first degree.
  2. I guess I’ll have to watch it now so I can understand your reply
  3. We paid extra for a subscription on our ‘in reach’ which gave us very basic weather predictions ( wind speed, direction, wave height, direction, atmos pressure etc) it really wasn’t very accurate or worth the extra cost. We found it much better just texting a friend back home and getting them to check the weather out on their computer and then texting us with the info. The good part about the ‘in reach’ is that their texts back to you don’t cost them anything.
  4. I used an ‘In Reach’ (delorme/Garmin) for a Pacific cruise a few years ago and it was awesome. $380 (oz dollars) to buy and $80 a month subscription for 500 texts. They use the iridium satellites and you can get cheaper subs for less texts.Highly recommended!
  5. I didn’t realise that Lego was being used as an acceptable boat building material nowadays
  6. Maybe turning bi axial into double bias?
  7. @Mohammed Bin Lyin, ha, I also love the smell of castrol R early in the morning!
  8. Maybe It’s better off without a novice at the helm,Check out the radical helm work in the first photo! After analysing the photos of the test I’ve come to a couple of conclusions, the helm is so light that I’m thinking of putting some bungee cords on the tiller and also using a longer towline as the foil in the prop wash as the photos show the propwash foil rising sooner.
  9. Thanks to all above for the tips on the outboard, I will tinker with it after finishing the rigs and sails. Last week I did a tow test on the foils. I have turnbuckles on spectra lines to fine tune the AoA and made the mistake of tightening the locknuts and then forgetting to bring a spinner to adjust them.(note that the turnbuckles are only used to equalise both foils to zero degrees). Anyway after repeated runs adjusting the AoA by shortening and lengthening the spectra lines with knots Tassie came up out of the water easily albeit with a few out of control moments!! Next tow test I will hav
  10. Wow, that looks like a very good buy, plenty of good quality relatively new gear all on a good looking boat. What’s the catch? and why hasn’t it sold in 3 years?
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