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  1. That artist must have been pissed? Here’s a photo of the boat in reality.
  2. Thanks Russell, I’m very happy with the speeds I’m getting considering the most breeze I’ve sailed her in has been around 10-12 kts. I only took the gps along for one of the first sails where I saw over 9kts but have not taken it along for the later sails where I’m pretty sure we were doing 3 to 4kts faster. My mate driving the tinny was impressed and said he had to give it ‘a bit of stick’ to keep up as can be seen by the wake on a couple of the later clips. The rigs and sails are working pretty good but were only ever meant as a cheap experiment and are still a work in progress. They ar
  3. Thanks for posting the clips Hump.
  4. I’ve been super busy with other (non sailing) projects and have finally got back to work on Tassie. After finally getting the foil controls finished I took her out for a the first attempt at getting some air under sail. Anyway the sail was fun, didn’t get foiling yet but came very close. A mate followed me in his tinny and got some footage. I’ve uploaded 4 short clips on YouTube. The first 3 are without the forward foils lowered and started with not much wind. The breeze slowly increased to around 10 kts and was getting good speed. The 4th clip shows me sailing with the foils down. I don’t hav
  5. ^^ hope that wasn’t a promotional shot with the painter hanging out the window. (We’re breaking up Scotty!)
  6. Was it this one? If so I think it was the hiking strap that broke.sorry no link, I just got screenshots
  7. Maybe he’ll tell us if you tell us what you’re buying!
  8. The Stones were right when they said ‘fact can be stranger than fiction’
  9. Yeh but we walloped the Kiwis in the t20
  10. ^^ haha, was a scary night! didn’t realise until I saw that photo that the jib was nearly hanging in the water and could’ve tripped us over! More recently I’ve had my cruising cat up to 23.8kts with no fear and have even hit 16.9 towing my dinghy (with fear for the dinghy,she always lives on the davits underway since then)
  11. 25kts, during 1993 Brisbane to Gladstone race, my first offshore race, blew like stink (45 kts through the night), new home built boat, water fruit and food sloshing around in pod because of leaking windows, are we having fun yet!
  12. ^^ it’s gotta be this one isn’t it Pil ?
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