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  1. Right, don't winch the crap out of the 2:1 tack line. The beauty of the 2:1 is that it effectively prevents rotation of the furler body although there are other options for doing that.
  2. I would use the hardware under question as a 2:1 tack line unless it's easy for you to access the tack/furler connection on your sprit. Otherwise getting the sail on/off is a pain. If the furler can be connected to that Harken Classic block is basically already setup for this.
  3. Does your Code 0 have a UV strip to stay furled all the time?
  4. The PO may have rigged that as a tack line for your Code 0. If your continuous furler is rigged like mine it's not possible to attach the sail tack without either retracting the sprit or (somehow) climbing out onto it. A tack line would allow you to simply bring the furler and sail to the bow of the boat. The snatch block would attach to the sprit in place of the furler, the regular block would attach to the snap shackle at the bottom of the furler, and then the line would simply be tied around the sprit with the other end going to a cabin top clutch. Now you have a 2:1 tack line and rigg
  5. Corsair increased the boom length so that the traveler could be moved aft of the bench seats. The main sail remains the same size, presumably to keep the center of effort unchanged. The bench seats are also shorter compared to deminimis's 970 but can still fit two adults each.
  6. Just saw this thread.... another new (to us) 970 owner here. We are on Leech Lake in Minnesota and are loving the 970 so far. We are/were monohull sailors and this is our first tri so we have a lot to learn.
  7. I sailed my new (to me, it's a 1979) Force 5 for the first time this past weekend. There wasn't much wind but it was still a great time! I'm really looking forward to sailing this boat more!
  8. It appears to be in good condition for a 41 year old boat and all spars, rigging, and the sail are in really good condition. The transom fiberglass above the rudder gudgeon has some flex and there are crack in the gelcoat. I'm planning to use it as-is and then decided if I want to do some restoration and paint next spring. In my imagination it is 46 ft.... sadly it doesn't exist yet :). We're actually planning to make the jump to the dark side and looking for a Corsair trimaran for our family / weekend cruiser. A fast trailerable trimaran and a Force 5 seem like the perfect
  9. Yes, but it was hiding behind my X-Yacht that I had previously misplaced... Someone saw the "wanted" ad I posted on Craigslist, contacted me about it, and we made a deal that evening.
  10. Found one and it's in my garage!! Can't wait to get it out!
  11. Thanks but I'm not looking for a project boat right now :).
  12. Please let me know if you have one or know of one for sale. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the reply Hovertank. The 970 with orange nets is apparently already sold (we tried to put an offer on it) and the other ones listed are for new builds. There aren't too many 970's out there so we're considering ordering a new one but would much prefer to save some bucks on a used one. We haven't sailed a 970 yet but have sailed the new 880 which is an awesome boat! So awesome that it already has a long backlog for new orders
  14. If anyone knows of a Corsair 970 for sale or coming on the market please let me know, preferably one located in the USA. Thanks!
  15. We're looking at 970's as well and I am also tempted by the C36. Our plan is to keep the boat in a slip 90+% of the time and trailer a few times per year to the great lakes (we're in Minnesota) or possibly to Florida in the winter. Assuming an appropriate tow vehicle such as a 1-ton pickup, how "trailerable" is the C36? I've heard it is possible to raise the mast with appropriate hardware. Obviously over-width permits legally required. Edit - I think I already know the answer... The C36 is not "trailerable" but can be trailered.
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