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  1. My family took a flight back in the 70's and my mom booked the tickets on a "K fare" which was a discounted fare without a meal. Saved $75 per ticket. The guy sitting next to my dad asked why he didn't get a meal and my dad explained the K Fare and the guy looked down and said "I paid $75 for this?"
  2. If you like each other, absolutely. Not so much if you don't like the way they open their eyes
  3. Every year the State Fair of Texas makes a public service announcement stating that they do not have valet parking. Every fricken year. the old scams are the best scams
  4. Here's a winner. I only have one question, with the ballasted centerboard removed, what keeps it upright as "a really slow power boat" https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/boa/d/gaithersburg-project-boat-for-sale-as/7401840760.html
  5. Happened to my wife, someone got her debit card and went shopping at West Marine, 4 separate purchases of $500 until the card was denied. Purchases were within minutes of each other so the cashier at West Marine in Ft. Lauderdale was in on the scam. Later that year we went to file our taxes and found someone had already filed them for us, the IRS didn't pay the requested refund because there were too many discrepancies from the previous years filings. The IRS was actually very good to work with and help us with identity protection. Notify all 3 credit agencies and the IRS. the IRS will
  6. There is a lot going on here, give us some time to unpack it all... I do see a blue bikini
  7. you should be able to find a local plastics dealer that can cut new ones for you out of bulk material, I recommend Lexan over plexiglass.
  8. The chains on the bow are part of the "boat as its own trailer" system. I believe the opening on the bow will remain open.
  9. Get a charter with a captain and first mate. They worry about the boat, let you be as involved as you want to be and they cook the meals. Everybody has fun, including you. If you decide "Hey this was fun" Then do it again on your own.
  10. 80 years ago the owners manual for your car told you how to adjust the valves. My 2020 car manual tells me that I shouldn't drink the fluid in the battery.
  11. Just re-finished my son's deck with the Behr Deck Over, power washed the loose stuff off, added deck screws to the loose boards and painted it with a standard knap roller. The roller recommended by Behr will provide a very heavily textured surface which is very hard on bare feet. The deck looks great and will function for at least another 5 years.
  12. I remember this photo from a Life Magazine coffee table book my parents had. If I remember the caption correctly she had jumped from the 75th floor observation deck of the Empire State building and landed on some poor bastards car.
  13. Now, that is a cool looking combo.
  14. A buddy of mine was stationed on a destroyer (AKA: tin can/ target) their group had to relocate and he said they almost vibrated apart trying to keep up with the carrier at 30 plus knots. Speed is not an issue for the new carriers.
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