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  1. cmonkey


    I do retail development for a major US retailer budget we did back in October for buildings starting this month are all out of whack. Steel is triple what it was in October, seeing similar increases across the board for all materials. Then comes the "Oh you want it when?" items that traditionally have a 6 week lead time are now 6 to 9 months. Budgets are screwed, schedules are screwed, fun times
  2. A taco establishment in Leesburg, VA is serving Cicada Tacos. They have had grasshopper tacos on the menu for a while and it only seemed logical to add the "Limited time offer" for the Cicada taco.
  3. My son got a similar type deal in the form of a job offer of of Monster.com. The "company" said he would be working for an affiliate of IBM and that they would "send him a check to purchase the needed software for the job." They sent him a check for $1,500 via overnight mail and emailed him asking if he had deposited the check yet. When he told them he had turned the check over to the police the email address he was using to communicate with them went dead. The worst part was the check was written off someone's checking account in Illinois while the company claimed to be based in Californi
  4. I live in the DC area and no shortages here, yet.
  5. OK it's on Ebay but, $19,997 for this? really? https://www.ebay.com/itm/333970344142?hash=item4dc22f08ce:g:z6sAAOSwoWVggMKv
  6. It's off center. Death Trap!
  7. I saw Ondine III in a marina on Oahu back in the late 70's and remember thinking it was the coolest boat ever. Growing up on the gulf coast where a 40 ft boat was rare a boat of that size was something that just existed in magazines.
  8. Costco, by the dozen....https://www.costco.com/progrid-high-back-managers-chair%2c-12-pack.product.100009117.html
  9. Totally agree. Fun to watch and the boat is basic and simple. In her last post she repaired her fresh water pump by cutting a new leather and stated that this how her dad taught her to fix it.
  10. Two of my favorites.
  11. Counting change from cash payments is a lost art.
  12. Another successful Costco find.
  13. If my memory is correct he get's horribly seasick every time he's goes sailing.
  14. Thanks for the history lesson. I guess I mixed some folklore in with my facts.
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