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  1. How could they bring in loads of extra troops to secure bag ram? part of the withdrawal deal signed last year was to reduce troop numbers to 2500, and if that wasn’t done the taliban wouldn’t respect the ceasefire against us troops? damned if you do.... damned if you don’t...
  2. Robc

    Air Battens?

    We used to use them fairly effectively on a big boat. C tech make them, but now we use flexifurl battens for furling jibs and they are awesome!
  3. I’d also be in the market for one Europe side if possible....
  4. Try A&t.... can probably keep your displays, much simpler to calibrate / see what’s going on via web interface, just launched their own pilot too....
  5. Get some metal punches and stamp numbers in the heads of the bolts, permanent and simple. (If you don’t need to see from far away!)
  6. Having used carbolink rigging a lot I would certainly say carbon rigging is extremely chafe resistant, and happily use bare carbon headstay with hanks. running sheets and drop lines over the headstay has also caused no issues yet
  7. Robline do dyneema covered shock cord which can help neaten things up....
  8. Here’s my method.... eye splice the first end of possible, always spec the line diameter for load to achieve ideally 4 -6 wraps max on the lashing, any more and there is no way it will level out the loads due to friction. apply the wraps as evenly as possible. Then take the tail though the middle of the lashing, and create a figure of 8 around it (not hitched) then continue with figure of 8s hitched under themselves. 3 or 4 figure 8s is plenty. this gives two advantages, 1. It keeps things as evenly loaded as possible and minimises friction for things t
  9. I thought these were no longer in production? did they say they had stock?
  10. Looks like the SBS had a busy Sunday.....Tanker stowaways: Seven detained off Isle of Wight https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-54684440
  11. Try info@aandtinstruments.com not sure Tinley emails still work....
  12. Tinley electronics will have options...ld consider www.aandtinstruments.com.... Started with Tinley, they are brilliant and the processor is designed to do exactly what you want, dual fuel so you don’t need to rewire everything! brilliant support, on a lot of bigger boats now and a very viable alternative to sailmon.
  13. It didn’t collapse on first wave.... it crossed the Atlantic on that ship first.... it had unloaded some boats in palma that day and continued on.... missing a strap after some unloading? Weight distribution changed? Strap moved? Anything could have happened to cause the cradle to fail, but proving what/which happened first could take a lot of legal wrangling! If they ever find out at all....
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