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  1. Malaya's mast step prior to the cleaning, painting and re-bedding of the aluminum shoe. The keel at this station is a laminate apx. 20" across by 10' depth.
  2. Having owned this amazing boat for the last 18 years (second owner) I am looking for a new owner to keep her healthy and happy. A complete listing is available for your viewing pleasure either at: https://www.malaya4sail.com/ or https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1983/custom-cunningham-wylie-45-3838283/ And yes I bought an ad and you can look there too if you prefer.
  3. Editor came through, ad posted.
  4. No response from Editor via PM just crickets
  5. Can't seem to post a classified ad, asking me to login when I am and if I try to login don't like my user name or pass word???

  6. Trying to post an ad. Requires login and when I try to log in I'm receiving a notification indicating a problem with my user name and or password. This seems odd as I am currently logged into the forum. Any advice?
  7. I'm trying to get contact information for Roy from Morro Bay and Kialoa back in the day. Tom Wylie suggested I reach out to him. Any help would be greatly appreciated. No, I am not looking for money from him.
  8. Clogged can be cleaned, I've have 2 just burn through. The OME is just not up to snuff.
  9. Umm, stalled engine, smoke and water from an unknown source, narrow fair way and slip. Blunted, fuck off
  10. Last Saturday was to be our first outing since Thanksgiving, Covid and all that shit. Got down to the boat, went through the usual pre sail check of systems, this always includes firing up the engine and allowing it to run long enough to be sure there won't be any surprises. So, out of the slip, down the fairway, hoist the main and we're off. Well we get to the turning basin and the engine sort of falters, I leave the helm to my crew to go below to check and discover SMOKE!, and about 2 gallons of salt water in my normally dry bilge. Call to shut down the engine, now sailing I called for a tow
  11. Andy, So your suggestion would be to replace my WH brain and the fluxgate compass and replace it with the Pelagic controller. Retain existing hydric ram, pump and rudder angle sensor. Then use my existing Raymarine wind sensor, which is NEMA 0183 and voilĂ  a much better newer system for around a boat buck.
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