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  1. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have ourselves a Winner - Troll extraordinaire - Booracho!!!! And that goes doubly when you try to hang on me the wheel thing...... Just remember wise arse, try not to bore anyone to death tonight at whatever social event you might be disturbing.
  2. All Good, did try to give you an out..... The Broker is Noosa based but it's location is there in Black and White..... Freo based, to be specific.
  3. Ummmmm No. Time for an Eye appointment or Remedial Reading classes...........
  4. No, not in the slightest. But it would take intelligence to recognise that. So for your benefit, I will explain....... I had pointed out your absurd remark about the spinning prop on Blackbird (and that this in someway disqualifies or discredits it from having achieved DDW) and called it for what it is - semantics..... and it turns out you dont like being outed as wise arse contributing nothing (of value) to the debate. The wheels acting in rotary motion have the same relationship as the prop does. No one ever queries whether a whole land yacht (regardless of rig characteri
  5. Geez, you are scraping the bottom of the barrel now aren't you? You also forgot to mention how the top of each wheel is displaying motion in the "opposite direction" to achieved travel. So NO; not valid, certainly not clever, just wise arsed semantics. I pity the poor people who get cornered by you at parties, because you are just full of shits and giggles aren't you?
  6. No offense intended, but your joke/humour context was less than opaque...... or is that more than opaque? Whichever; it was not clear...... For instance, Look at Borracho's response...... Semantics in his version........ Sigh............ This place is less and less rewarding to navigate.
  7. Definitely DW faster than the wind. BUT the whole point about this is DDW. No vector to add a sideways component. And no Moth goes DDW with out adding a good dose of added sideways travel. Thats the freaky thing about the whole rational/concept/argument.......
  8. Save yourself the aggro of cutting holes in the bottom for anything. Stick to GPS type devices - Velocitek, Speed Puck Etc..... these will corroborate the Helm Feel, Trim cycle to actual numbers that you need to establish good overall performance. A Tacktick compass is essential. Pair the two devices together and you are mostly there. Then you can chase Rig settings and sheet tensions to match. Depth is nice but not essential. And for the courses that a J22 is likely to be on, you will already know where to go for tidal advantage. I don't know the J22 class personally, but havin
  9. RIP Tawny, you were Hot and much fantasized about in that 14-20 male population, and I suspect a lot who were older too.... To further accompany the sage advice given in the Crazy Hot Matrix, with particular reference to the "Dude Zone" Consider this.........
  10. Outstanding Sol, truly inspiring......... Have you got the Pic of her in those shorts from Behind? Looks like it would be rewarding................!
  11. With the benefit of time, reflection and hindsight, it is highly unlikely that AM will continue with almost any of the existing sailing team, key personnel, design avenues or choices; intact. Nothing of their programme (community engagament aside - but this is not a principle goal) would be judged as satisfactory when held up to comparison with the other teams, let alone the blowtorch of this place. Those who argue otherwise are dyed in the wool AM fans who are disconnected with reality. Their choice of Hull Designs, Foil Designs, Aero package (with respect to agricultural booms
  12. So some careful shimming of the whole system to avoid slop, profiling of foil surface with templates and a skewed trailing edge and you'll be Golden! Well worth the effort both upwind and down........
  13. There is so much here that wrong with your comments. Firstly, you clearly do not know Auckland weather traits - it does not have clockwork reliability in the weather it receives. It is not a Continental Land Mass with steadily changing sea and land temperatures that can produce regular seabreeze conditions. It is a tiny ribbon of an Island swept by whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Is it a coincidence that the highly variable nature of the conditions has raised a sailing population that is per capita more sucessful than virtually any Nation you choose to compare it to, and sought
  14. @EditorCan we at least have each post with a Post # ???? Its tedious to not be able to point out to various scrotes how inept their thinking or post is, when you cannot quote their post number. Same goes for post count that will not show exact post count in the index pages - rounding up or down after a hundred is bullshit. The collapsed panel of quote IS good, but dont throw the Baby out with the Bathwater........ Please!
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