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  1. Peter, please update to firmware version 35 here: https://www.velocitek.com/pages/prostart-firmware There were some problems with how the bar graph worked in version 31 that made it behave in a way that is not intuitive. We fixed those problem with version 35. You can see version 35 working in the video.
  2. Check out the new video tutorial on the ProStart's automatic shift tracking. This exciting new feature is only available on the all new Velocitek ProStart! Want to learn more, check out the Velocitek blog here: https://www.velocitek.com/blogs/news/prostart-shift-tracking @Streetwise@Peter Salling@Joe_G
  3. It's automatic. You just need to sail a steady course for about 30 seconds.
  4. Hi Peter! The video is in the works. In the meantime here's a description of how the shift tracking algorithm works: The algorithm starts by detecting when the boat is sailing a steady course. This is accomplished by comparing the current heading to a rolling average of previous heading measurements. Once the current heading falls within a specified bound of this rolling average the boat is determined to be sailing a steady course and a "reference angle" is set to this averaged heading value. When a reference angle is set the shift measurement will display the damped difference
  5. The new SpeedPuck will have roughly double the battery life of the old version (50 hours vs. 24 hours).
  6. The shift indicator is back! In firmware version 31 we added the option to use the bar graph in Race Mode as Heel or Shift. The shift tracking algorithm is very similar to the ProStart Classic, but on the new ProStart it is magnetic compass based. You can find the latest ProStart firmware here: https://www.velocitek.com/pages/prostart-firmware You can read more about firmware v31 on our blog (https://www.velocitek.com/blogs/news/prostart-firmware-v31) and you can watch the configuration menus video tutorial here: We'll give the Shift indicator feature a video of its ow
  7. This was a huge factor in our decision not to add Bluetooth functionality to the product. With Bluetooth, the device side is relatively straightforward. On the other hand developing, supporting and maintaining iOS, and especially Android apps that will connect to the device reliably 100% of the time for 100% of user's different phones is a big undertaking. It's also not just a one-time investment, the apps need to be regularly updated and tested when new versions of iOS, Android and new phone models are released. Some bigger companies pull this off. Many do not, especially on the Android
  8. Our goal here was to create the AK-47 of sailing instruments. The SpeedPuck does not use any cutting-edge technology other than a high-performance uBlox GPS module. It does not need a dedicated charger; you can charge it with any USB micro cable. When you plug it in to any Windows, Mac or Linux computer it shows up as an external drive with your track files on it, organized into different folders by date. You can use browser based replay software like Charted Sails or Njord Analytics to view the track files on any computer without having to install any software or drivers.
  9. We have finished building and testing pre-production samples. We're currently waiting for the first mass-production batch of plastic parts from our injection molder. We should be able to start cranking them out next month. Here are some photos of a pre-production sample.
  10. Check out the new video tutorial and blog post about the ProStart start line pacing guides. The pacing guides are an exciting feature on the new ProStart designed to help you time your final approach to hit the line on time, at speed! If you're interested in learning more, you can continue reading on our blog here: https://www.velocitek.com/blogs/news/prostart-pacing-guides
  11. ProStart equipped teams finished 1, 2 at the 2021 J/70 World Championships! Congratulations to Relative Obscurity and Midlife Crisis. Relative Obscurity - Peter Duncan, Willem van Waay, Morgan Trubovich, Victor Diaz de Leon Midlife Crisis - Bruce Golison, Steve Hunt, Erik Shampain, Jeff Reynolds ProStart equipped teams also finished 1, 2 in the Corinthian division! Congratulations to the crews of Ducasse Sailing Team and Dime.
  12. @Mulligan thanks for the shout out. The real credit goes to the rest of the Velocitek team in San Mateo. Without their hard work building the ProStart there would not have been any follow through. It's because of their hard work and follow through that the ProStart is in stock! Retail orders placed Monday - Friday by 2:30 PM Eastern will ship same day. Orders received after the same day cut off will ship the next business day. Cheers, Charles
  13. We're actively working on it now. We'll post here as soon as the firmware update is available.
  14. @atnan the ChartedSails utility will convert VTK to GPX for Expedition, RaceQs, GPS Action Replay (free and Pro), and other GPX viewers. The ChartedSails utility will also convert VTK to CSV for Excel, Google Sheets or Tableau. In either format the data stays at 4 Hz. @TazLikesBoats the option to use the bar graph to show lift/knocks or heel is on our to do list. It is item #4. Items #1-3 are in progress right now.
  15. ChartedSails offers a permanently free utility for converting VTK files to GPX: chartedsails.com/prostart
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