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  1. At the moment there is no option for pitch data on screen on the ProStart. We'll take this request into consideration. We could create a vessel attitude mode for displaying heel and pitch.
  2. The Prism is a solid state compass. It works very well in shifty conditions.
  3. We're a couple of weeks from having everything we need to build sample units using the final parts. If everything checks out then we'll order the components in mass-production quantities and once they're delivered, start putting SpeedPucks together. This is happening against the backdrop of the regular Northern Hemisphere spring surge in demand for our other products which is keeping us very busy. We will post some photos of the samples here once we have built them. Our best guess for a ship date for the final product is about 3 months from now.
  4. @Black Jack You should definitely get the ProStart. If you want the watch, get the watch too! Good starts are all about time and distance. And that's what the ProStart delivers. Accurate distance requires the GPS to be mounted to the boat. A wrist mounted device is nice (and that is a cool looking watch) but if the GPS sensor is moving relative to the boat it's not doing you much good for distance-to-line measurements.
  5. The ProStart is fully tilt compensated. It will work completely flat, vertical, and anything in between.
  6. One benefit of USB micro is that almost everyone already owns a few USB micro cables so if you lose the one that comes with the SpeedPuck you're not out of luck. That said, everything is going Type C now and C would definitely be better. It's just not something we have had time to work on.
  7. We have all the molds made and we're pretty close to testing pre-production samples but at the moment we're having a hard time keeping up with demand for the ProStart and Prism so our main focus needs to be on increasing our manufacturing capacity. We're hoping to get the new SpeedPuck out sometime this summer. Here's a photo of the new battery compartment with a USB port.
  8. The overhauled SpeedPuck will be extremely similar to the original but much better. Super simple. High speed GPS, high speed logging, on board battery. Same cradle as the original.
  9. ProStart-equipped teams finish 1, 2, 4, 5 at Bacardi Cup. Congrats to New England Ropes, Lucky Dog, Rasta Mixta, and Blind Squirrel!
  10. "It seems like the Velocitek Control Center app needs to be open for the device to show up as a USB drive". This seems fishy. Could you please test this again? Velocitek Control Center is for communicating with older versions of our products. This software is not needed for communicating with the new ProStart and is completely unrelated to the function of the product. The new ProStart should just show up as an external drive when you connect it to any computer running OSX, Windows or Linux. You should not need to install or run any software on the computer to make this happen. If t
  11. We just released a new version of ProStart firmware "prsG_23.hex" that fixes the infinite charging animation bug. You can download it here. Here's what is new with this version: Fixes bug that would cause charging animation to continue when charge was complete. Shows battery voltage on top line of LCD when charging. 3.6V is empty, 4.2V is full. Makes USB pitchfork icon flash when wall-cube fast charging is taking place. Here's how to change the firmware on a new ProStart: Connect the ProStart to a computer. It will behave like a thumb drive (or any
  12. Here's a video of the production backlight on the new ProStart:
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