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  1. I put myself on ignore to avoid scrolling injury if that helps.
  2. You did all that on just one page of Texas thread ...use the tick quote button... 2 minutes tops. .
  3. Leo don't you mean there 17 million doses for the UK?
  4. Then I wonder how much vaccine ingredient has been imported? Have only produced one third of jabs on home soil and without the the EU they are screwed. That is why under 50's stopped for the month of April and what was earmarked for them is needed for 2nd doses for the over 50's stating with the most at risk tiers where less than 3m have had a second dose. This all round is looking like a shit show. Beggars belief why they started this shit fight.
  5. I Not actually right Jack as insolvency ins not a balance sheet test. Mate that isn't a balance sheet. Read next post. You know I'm still a member of that fucking mess. It is not a club going insolvent.
  6. Norwegian fish farmers are ready to make bank? Expand One the biggest UK sellers of smoked salmon is an avid Brexit supporter, he's stopped or can't export to the EU for some reason? Mad I told you to stop mentioning him...that makes me check his twltter feed. ..then I crack up. So his website says he is not exporting to EU BUT this article in his retweet and one he wrote says that 98% is bollucks, it is business as usual He is nuts.
  7. Yep the big takeaway is UK only producing one third it has jabbed. That 77m EU export Is nearly double my 40m than I had working forwards. OK try backwards. EU Doses 60m EU exported doses 77m Total 137m So UK only taken a quarter EU exports not half. EU exported more than half not less than half produced. Every other proportion OK So I can't see anything other than global citizen embarrassment here for the UK and where even with approvals headstart their domestic production numbers are shit.
  8. His last car before entering politics was a hint. I hope he hasn't been doing coke with a young staffer on his desk at work...that might be the last straw.
  9. Why did you just walk to the other side of the room??
  11. Thats EU 60m and UK 21m CM then over and above there is EU exports outside the UK which appears to be another 20 million or 100 million total EU production? That means UK has got half EU exports and EU has exported half its total production worldwide incl the UK. Plus the UK has got one-third of what EU injected itself. Then the UK have 29m first jabs in total or approaching half the UK pop with 2.8 millon 2 jabs. That all equals that UK getting two-thirds from the EU and has only produced one-third itself you mention The EU 60m jabs still at less than 15% population
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