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  1. FOR @LB 15 There is no need for me to reply to what amounts to same material just a different order of words. You would do well to read THIS POST that others have been directed to, but sought to ignore. In not taking heed of that sort of advce in the past you have turned any thread on SA into a train smash by putting your own vendetta ahead, of the interests of others. If you want to close this matter out here. not outside that is you decision. A retraction to your claim for defamation comes back here anyway (with your name at
  2. Not correct. I first posted on this Topic October last year. But who cares? Only you it seems What does the word "more" NOT first mean in your lingo. We have already covered off on this MIkey, you have been shit posting up to 6 hours ago by your reakoning and that 6 hours avoiding questions that amount to the same You haven't been near this, though not alone. u haven't covered off on this
  3. Thats only 2 of the 8 who haven't showed up this morning being PIrate (late inclusion for stepping on the legal 3rd rail) and Sail4KoolAId. ALL 6 didn't even reply to what they were given. Bunch of chicken shits with nothing to say to justify their actions Speaks volumes.
  4. #6 This thread should be renamed - I'm begging to be perma-flicked from SA. SIX 1 of the 8 LB Enablers 2 to go @Kate short for Bobyou have ducked every question and snipped quotes in your usual way and have already been shown why you are begging for a booting in THIS POST Here is an extract .
  5. Jacko I'm started to get a bit pissed off with your lies and projection. I'd complain to SA but that isn't the done thing around here. I'm tempted to actually change my logon to my real name. If I do that you will run for cover Complain MIkey that will go down well ...the old judge has already marked your ticket LB has the complaints hotline number....he can get you booted within the hour for not outing anybody, a warning for ignoring him, then a warning point for the same, then another warning for using his christian name n a post that ended with saying no more names and wh
  6. The media have a lot to answer for through the whole pandemic everywhere. They are no longer the Fourth Estate pillar of democracy that seeks out the truth. There back flip over the origins of the virus makes Fauci look permanently grounded Hoppy beware he is brainwashing you You will be anti vaxing marching within a week
  7. YOu are getting hit before the rollcall which you are the last being 5/8 and everyone cowards. This thread started in March last year Your Covid Denier sock was born in Sept after getting booted You only came here to seek refuge as gotting beaten up everywhere else and saw LB beating up on me here so you thought that fun In the last 6 hours you have posted more content than in the last 6 months To hazard a guess I reakon you are feeling nervous about being on the shit list.
  8. What offshore races does Colorado have MIkey? Have you ever done a offshore race? Have you ever crossed a sea or ocean? I am going to say no. Now sue me.
  9. And yet my post was about NPI's which you said you hadn't changed you mind on which means you don't support any NPI's virtually and a anti vaxer. YOu do support the Barrington Foundation which doesn't support CTT You are herd man You really are slippery prick.
  10. As I the about the only one that does and posts content and doesn't shit post I find that kinda funny. In fact fuck off
  11. Probably not a bad idea. Just a shame that an OP cannot ban certain people from posting Hoppy just to let you know you have been checked off the rollcall so if you don't want address what was posted what you say there is just shit. You are the problem and in denial. And MIkey/KSFB I haven't forgotten you but as you know shit about Aust political machinations are Covid Denier and Anti Vaxer PLUS live in a trailer park in Colorado I am sure you thread will be a fucking zinger. With Hoppy along make that a double zinger and give it a bit of racial flavour to boot.
  12. A LB enabler yes but 5 days old, on no list and with that I wouldn't waste bandwidth on you. ..........and what a series pussy for running off to Marlow over this. LB didn't see it of course Did he really? I don’t read his essays so I missed that little gem but I am not in the least bit surprised. He really is a cunt. Sccooter said there were lots of words???? Scooter on 26 May PM US PDT said: "So Bored Skiff complained to me about this thread a number of times and threatened to complain to Marlow Ropes. Then he actually did. It is a chic
  13. #4 This thread should be renamed - I'm begging to be perma-flicked from SA. FOUR 1 of the 8 LB Enablers 4 to go Ease you have already been shown why you are begging for it in THIS POST and where YOUR post is a prime example Extract from there In fact Ease you really get the high achiever award with your post there. And Ease then posts that drivel (which sure as shit someone will reply with more drivel to) IN A REPLY to my post about the site owners declaration of what you are doing must cease AND advising @Bored Skiff (no longer a sit
  14. Perhaps because they don't make grammatical sense? You forget this pedo discourse
  15. #3 This thread should be renamed - I'm begging to be perma-flicked from SA. THREE 1 of the 8 LB Enablers 6 to go Wess You have already been shown why you are begging for it in THIS POST Here is an extract. Plus @Wess is a Covid Denier and Anti Vaxer which also seals his fate
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