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  1. Prescribed and part of Ships med kit, not loose and declared and stronger oxycodone incl IV not a problem anywhere. Some may impound on clearing in up until clearing out if not a regular med need.
  2. Here’s the thing Here is the other thing. The post Brexit new UK Agricultural policy is a photocopy of the EU's going forward to nearly the end of this decade. The only things changed is different labels for the same outcomes and the Brits get less transparent money than those across the Irish Sea and Channel. In theory a NI and RoI producer should be on a level playing field policy wise and both in the same market but where NI also in GB market.
  3. Sorry still don't get it. There is NO bar to him departing Aust as an Aust Citizen if he is a offshore resident of the US for more than 183 days in a year. You don't need US residency paperwork just a bank account and some utility bills evidence etc is all that is required. There is NO bar to him returning to Aust at anytime either other than Q spots availability. The bit that sucks there is depart and quick returns get Q spot priority (as that is a bonafide demand) over 3 month departures as it should BUT then doesn't give priority to the longer stuck over 3 month depart and return
  4. Not what I said. Welcome to how KateShitForBrains operates
  5. Man thats retro on retro..approaching 50 yo. Light as light for its time and materials & top boat before the Euro builders got a head of steam in the late 70's following success of the Mini. Webb Chiles took one around the orange. Even the @Editorhas a hard on for them, this vid just last year.
  6. Poots was the #1 contender but then said he wouldn't run. Nothing like having a leader with conviction. My bet they will be a bees dick off #3 party after next election and gone the one after that.
  7. Reading still problem isn't it.
  8. Got a Government cite for that and that references this? I guess not
  9. Dangerous place to troll as Skiffless just found out. Do it for 8 months single target, character ending. However you both did me a favor. You generated that short summary of Little Baby's weepings to Scooter and Skiffless helped me bump it to this new page. The last weeping I mention is a cracker, but saving that. I owe you a beer beer...... ....and as you are a 'meme without words' devotee, months are now converted to temperature.
  10. I have literally no idea what the point of that link is or what message you are trying to convey. But I do know that you have genuine problems and are in complete denial. For your own good you should take a(nother) break from SA Ogh Board Skiffless. Triple eye roll. From the Webster Dictionary take your pick for the meaning of "squeal" I have attached to that post 1: to make a shrill cry or noise. 2a: to turn informer squeal to the police. 2b: complain, protest. Queensland is the state where the abusive on-line hog lives and I'm hoping you know what a police
  11. Here is your leaving and arriving in droves. An Australian Citizen Overseas Resident not intending to return short-term can get a departure waiver in a flash? There must be a catch you aren't telling me? Is there a return? Incl March 2020 arrivals before Q started number for comparison. LB and family part of March 2020 924K arrivals. These include NZ bubble with no quarantine arrivals since Nov starting NSW and NT first. Of those departures around 12K Aust Citizens per month since last July. No data on Citz and Non Citizen Residents requiring departure approval. As you can see
  12. I have no objection to anyone leaving under the rules that includes employment, compassionate grounds etc and returning in 5 minutes to go into HQ. If anyone looks at CAPS, more flights/arrivals because of carrier certainty than which occured pre CAP. It is Q numbers caused by the 100% Q model and disparity between the 4 major entry ports 'as is' that pisses me off. Getting a tan and getting laid in Ibiza isn't quite the same thing.
  13. There is no mind with this one here Couldn't give a rats arse about her fellow citizens stranded since 2020 and quite happy to take their quarantine spot when she jets home sporting her 3 month northern hemisphere tan. If I was assessing her application I would stamp it ONLY VALID FOR INDIA
  14. Whyane thanks for that illuminating reply So Whyane you are saying the prison guard with the crooked sneer is generous letting all these people who have lived in the UK, many for generations to make application for settled status, but not become citizens . Those living less than 5 years only get pre-settled status that expires after five years before they can apply for settled status Thats 5 million names of the UK's population they have because they have no idea who are citizens and who aren't. Now in month 5 after the transition period ended there is still half a millio
  15. I'm thinking serving 'Concerns Notice' over predatory conduct causing loss of 'shill' income.
  16. Skilled migrants = higher productivity = wage growth Can't help shooting themselves in both feet at every turn
  17. I just put this in Covid Travel Thread I might have to rethink my aspiration to be a Covid travel pundit. Highlighted EU bits in red. Last para I was aiming at Summer Med Holiday countries of which is Portugal the ONLY one trying to buck Brussels??
  18. Well seeing as almost no one had a passport until after WW1 I'm not surprised Meli you might have to rethink that & even with photos. I will credit you with this to save your arse which cooks him. I'm thinking KSFB's train of thought is in whatever travels behind the caboose
  19. That might not age too well, remembering EU HQ in Brussels/Belgium sitting in upper EU mortality rate But according to the Times, the EU is reportedly going to recommend a ban on travel into the bloc from countries which are not part of it, including the UK, which formally left the EU at end of 2020. But at least nailed it with Portugal...what other summer holiday Med countries like Spain, Italy & Sth France think of this like Belgium in upper EU mortality numbers?
  20. Weird business model where you sack a top 'shill' making Marlow write cheques every month Maybe someone wants my 'shill' slot to become vacant?
  21. Well if they haven't got that sorted by now into year 2 good luck
  22. I think Randumb is gone for good, too many bad memories for him. I'm expecting a @gastro sock to pop up soon after all that popcorn to join his overflowing drawer. Which reminds me he hasn't told me who I'm 'shilling' for today?
  23. So you say that when testing and mass vaccine not available 100 years ago (started post WWII 25 years later in the US a place not occupied or under constant attack and robust economy)... ....and downvote that post. Says a lot about you.
  24. The “ vaccine passport “ must be used in conjunction with preflight testing and on arrival testing its important for national health authorities to establish this vaccine passport system corona is going to be around for a long time Australia , or any country, can’t hide out, ignore the rest of world and pretend to be safe It will be interesting to watch how the future unfolds regarding the movement of people. If you take as some say it will be 6 years before the world is 70% vaccinated, then countries are going to have FOUR choices outside
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