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  1. Here's the T22 Owners group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tanzer22/
  2. Sailing has inherent risk as does any other contact sport. Now quit whining and gybe the damn boat.
  3. Pink bikini Took head shots at 0:42. 0:44, 0:46 and 0:47. Check out the eyes after the first impact. Referee could have counted to a zillion.
  4. Not a fucking chance in hell I'll click on that. Again.
  5. The race between the scow and weather buoys rounding the Horn was riveting stuff.
  6. I prefer to look at it that I had the perfect face for radio.
  7. Yep. Perry designed the Aloha 26, also marketed as the 27, 8.2 and 271. 26' 9" LOA. The last two were built by Dana Hunter Boatbuilding in Tatamagouche NS who bought the mould after Ouyang Yachts went under and were called the Parks 27. To this day I can access all of the templates stored inside said mould. Kind of handy to have. We're alongside at the former Dundee Marina in Cape Breton, NS.
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