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  1. The Nonsuch 26 the guy stole was "White Wing". Put her on the bricks around Sambro, I think. The company hired to salvage her... sunk it instead. That mast and wishbone would have been worth a small fortune.
  2. As has been said, the sailing world has lost one of it's best. I believe many glasses will be raised in his honour tonight, mine included. Fair winds.
  3. But did the Club ever collect the five bucks launch fee? Inquiring minds want to know.
  4. Here's the T22 Owners group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tanzer22/
  5. Sailing has inherent risk as does any other contact sport. Now quit whining and gybe the damn boat.
  6. Pink bikini Took head shots at 0:42. 0:44, 0:46 and 0:47. Check out the eyes after the first impact. Referee could have counted to a zillion.
  7. Not a fucking chance in hell I'll click on that. Again.
  8. The race between the scow and weather buoys rounding the Horn was riveting stuff.
  9. I prefer to look at it that I had the perfect face for radio.
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