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  1. Compared to the two cycles of cats we got boats that looked different, foils that were visibly different from a distance, and boats that could sail angles never before seen on a hulled craft. The crew space was well enclosed and safer by all accounts from the sailors than the cats. They are super expensive, but I think tnz's money problems come primarily because of their naming sponsor sinking in the mud along with every airline. And most businesses in NZ at the moment. The Covid strategy was a delay and learn game, the delay is over, we'll see if the education helps with the final c
  2. I know English isn't your forte, cuss is. But what the fuck are you trying to say here you Shit eating fuckface? Just phrasing so you can better understand. And what woke you up from under the bridge, you haven't been here for ages, no great loss...
  3. Mmm, I think Glen has been a key leader in the team for a while. I recognize that he has chops as a helm, but that's normally solo. His contribution as a skipper has been huge, and there is an entire book to be written about his sail design, sail control design, and sail handling acumen. I hope the book gets penned soonish, would be fascinating.
  4. Under the sail. I got caught under the sail as a young fella in a skiff, and chose the long way up the luff to the mast head to get out, lucky was an 18 ft'er.
  5. It's got a square head, like the two idjiots bumping theirs together above. ^^
  6. You're too fucking sensitive.
  7. Interesting..increasing responsibility. BUT CAN'T YOU POST PLAIN TEXT FFS.
  8. Actually, the NZ boat kinda dominated, seems they showed a clean pair of heels. But what really needs redress is the role of the person behind Pete...behind every successful skipper is a woman.
  9. My Spanish is non existent. Not a peep on the gp site. WTF, over? Maybe it was a side tent?
  10. Sooo, did I just watch the final?
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