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  1. Ha ha, fill me. That was a heap of bits wasted. I am on 4's side, most of his statements are factual Hazmat is struggling with facts methinks..it's happened before
  2. I mentioned this before ; I only got the chance to visit the village once this cycle, but the frail catamaran nailed up on the wall of the base, with the bike seats at the level of the gunwales, the fairings looking like the monokoted models I used to build, all the wires like a Wright bros plane, compared to the huge solid mass of the 75 when they lifted it....striking. I can see why all the sailors say they feel safer in the AC75 class. A huge step forward in the first version, just like a modern fighter jet compared to a sopwith camel. The 50's are third gen, if we get 3 gens of the c
  3. There would have been a lot of lay days if we had waited for say, 12 kt lower. Wait for it, next cycle will be top of range every day.
  4. It was striking how gutted Dan B seemed after his team's design winning in the light that they didn't get to show off how fast the rocket ship would go when she was fully powered. So was i.
  5. On the browser ain't gonna happen as they can't definitively geo-lock it. GPS enabled devices only. Now if you want to go thru the trouble of GPS spoofing go right ahead, but there is huge money in those broadcast rights...
  6. I think you are forgetting the framework wherein the AC would have become a series in the 50's going forward.
  7. That would mean practice time.
  8. Let them pay the taxes as sir J is too busy employing the world and helping the UK better define themselves...albeit without him now. Atlas must have shrugged and left town.
  9. ^ it will be an interesting year, if some races have breeze on. I find it encouraging that they delayed a race for weather, I've always maintained the show would be hugely improved by one or two lay days.
  10. No point by point discussion of why #17 won is complete without mentioning BEAST MODE
  11. Beast mode, where Ben was flogging those two grinders at the front, "put Yur backs into it you worthless fucks" only while miraculously foiling upwind with perfect ride height control, and all that oil going into Kyle's winch drum which was spinning so fast the main sheet was smoking and he had to keep watering it like he was on a longboat tied fast to fucking Moby Duck.
  12. It was beast mode....
  13. You would think by the time they get the boats there and assembled it wouldn't be too much overhead to have a couple more days training. I know they take huge maintenance, but in the grand scheme of things it could be easily written off as a safety measure that might easily pay off in less broken black bits.
  14. I don't think he's old enough for cushy yet. The fire burns pretty strong in this one I reckon.
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