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  1. The glue will be the strongest part, either the mast's carbon will delaminate or the aluminum in the track will actual break apart. As anything, it's all in the perp work. I've see failures of various tracks bonded to the mast and you can clearly see 4 fingers on the track were it was picked up without gloves on and the oil residue wasn't removed properly. Strength of a glued on track is very high, over a 12cm length piece it held to 1500 kg before the carbon delaminated. The actual method of attaching it varies from mechanical clamping to vacuum bagging.
  2. Having sailed on that boat for many years and spending much of it down below packing kites upwind it's in the best shape now that it has been in a long time and definitely the cleanest.
  3. What about the Sailracer Ink display?
  4. Are your front turn signals working? Are you getting power to the light socket? It could be a bad ground. I had a bad ground on my truck for the front turn signal lights. when they would flash it would back feed into the windshield wiper circuit and activate. It drove me nuts.
  5. I have that fitting and used it to strip paint off a painted walkway. Lets just say (3) buckets worth, which is about 15 gallons only did 144 square feet. Thankfully the sand was free and I went on to reclaim, dry, sift and re-used it for the remaining 100 square feet. I have a 4k PSI pressure washer and my friend tried it on his 3.2K one and it didn't have enough pressure.
  6. I have a few Fire Tablets. Only way to download .apk's on them is to side load them. IT can be done and isn't as streamlined as downloading them from the Google Play store however once you've installed Kodi on a Fire TV everything else is a piece of cake. One thing I will say is that by side loading them, they aren't vetted on the device and sometimes aren't very stable. I tried loading iNavix on my kids Fire tablet to see if it would work and it kept crashing .
  7. Bevel the hole with a countersink to and when everything is snugged down creates a gasket effect on the threads further adding to sealing effect and prevents water intrusion.
  8. I've seen those as well, though for some reason most supply the 0-10v signal ones. Not sure why. Don't even get me started on the ones that supply sensors with a 4-20mA output reference....
  9. It comes down to the level of integration you want. Do you want to use and Apple/Android tablet or a Windows based tablet? Do you want an app like iNavX vs Expedition. Yes the costs between the two, soup to nuts is about $2-$3k however the level of functions are miles apart. If you want basic navigation then go app based however if you want to integrate weather, routing, instrument data (import and export), racing functions then program based is the way to go.
  10. Just an FYI, most pressure sensors work on a 0-10V signal. The B&H H5000 processor analog input 1, 2, 3&4 only take a 0-5 volts reference so you will need to make a voltage divider. Also for some reason that on certain pages the window value on the screen can only be 3 digits I believe (it was a few years back) and thus the value of pressure was in bars and not PSI so that was a minor customer annoyance. I think in the end we ended up creating an arbitrary 1-10 scale system which meant nothing to the customer other that when going up wind to set it to 7 and when not in use set it
  11. If the angles raise up then you would be best served using tulip foot blocks. Such as this: http://www.antal.it/ENG/819-060_en As for lockoff turning blocks, the holding power of the sheet load is very low so only holding the sheet during bear always might work but not sure what else. Regardless of the block, ideally you want them mounted in the load direction. A 45 degree turn will force more load on it than a 90 degree turn so consider that as well so consider that aswell.
  12. I was gonna vote for a Makita, but couldn't so I picked Mikita instead.. I've found the Chineese knock off batteries to be just as good as the branded ones but at 1/5th the cost. Plus I like the battery capacity options and depending on the use I'll either use the lightest 2 Ah for doing overhead work screwing in drywall and such to the 6 Ah for the circular saw building a shed.
  13. I recently went through this with a bad gout flare up last summer. Following it I went from a normal width (which I was already on the cusp of being a wide foot) to now a really wide foot so this info is handy. Thanks.
  14. For racing or for family and friends to view your travels?
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