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  1. That will be huge as now you just opened up to Expedition and other Windows based navigation software. Even if you doubled the current price, it's still less than a Panasonic Toughbook / Zebra Tablet.
  2. In addition to being sunlight readable be sure that it's polarized readable at angles associated with boat heal. Remember you head will be level however if your tablet is hard mounted it could be tilted 40 degrees or so. I once saw a display that this happened to (can't remember the brand) and when going downwind when the boat was "flat" no problems but going up wind you had to keep tilting your head to read the display....
  3. Considering it's for short handing, how are they going to mount an auto pilot to it? Also why do a cassette rudder when a transom hung kick up dual rudder system would allow for moving the cockpit aft and increasing cabin area. Cassette kick up rudders can also be done but that giant "hole" for the rudder takes up valuable space. I'm seeing this as a "long" mini for some reason...
  4. Just curious but is there an LED on the top of it that blinks either green or red? This is a helpful trouble shooting tool.
  5. Are you sanding it with to fine of a sandpaper perhaps?
  6. I'm assuming stainless steel screws correct? Are they self tappers or machine? What type of material are they threaded into?
  7. Does anyone know if the YouTube live stream will be geo restricted and thus a VPN is needed to watch it?
  8. Yes, Prep work is key, it's one of those situations that even after you've cleaned it 4 times, clean it 2 more times just in case and change your gloves often to avoid any cross confirmation. One thing to note, if your not bonding bare/raw aluminum to the carbon there isn't a need to isolate it. It is anodized so this (along with the adhesive layer thickness) does a pretty good job at isolating and I've never see anything that would indicate otherwise. Also some tracks come with reinforced plates to add to the side of the track, which allow for mechanical fastening if center line screws
  9. The glue will be the strongest part, either the mast's carbon will delaminate or the aluminum in the track will actual break apart. As anything, it's all in the perp work. I've see failures of various tracks bonded to the mast and you can clearly see 4 fingers on the track were it was picked up without gloves on and the oil residue wasn't removed properly. Strength of a glued on track is very high, over a 12cm length piece it held to 1500 kg before the carbon delaminated. The actual method of attaching it varies from mechanical clamping to vacuum bagging.
  10. Having sailed on that boat for many years and spending much of it down below packing kites upwind it's in the best shape now that it has been in a long time and definitely the cleanest.
  11. What about the Sailracer Ink display?
  12. Are your front turn signals working? Are you getting power to the light socket? It could be a bad ground. I had a bad ground on my truck for the front turn signal lights. when they would flash it would back feed into the windshield wiper circuit and activate. It drove me nuts.
  13. I have that fitting and used it to strip paint off a painted walkway. Lets just say (3) buckets worth, which is about 15 gallons only did 144 square feet. Thankfully the sand was free and I went on to reclaim, dry, sift and re-used it for the remaining 100 square feet. I have a 4k PSI pressure washer and my friend tried it on his 3.2K one and it didn't have enough pressure.
  14. I have a few Fire Tablets. Only way to download .apk's on them is to side load them. IT can be done and isn't as streamlined as downloading them from the Google Play store however once you've installed Kodi on a Fire TV everything else is a piece of cake. One thing I will say is that by side loading them, they aren't vetted on the device and sometimes aren't very stable. I tried loading iNavix on my kids Fire tablet to see if it would work and it kept crashing .
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