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  1. Whimp perspective here. I have sailed for many (50?) years. Mostly inshore/coastal + some offshore. Reasonably resistant to seasickness. Maybe it's age, but I am impressed how tiring a sustained 25-30 knot wind can be offshore. Is our anemometer registering correctly? Imagine anything above 35/40 will be decidedly unpleasant. Have been in several of these but short duration squalls.
  2. Interesting application of the "Coase Theorem". Is damage inflicted on neighbor by the Tally-Ho project larger or smaller than the damage inflicted on Leo by re-location? Coase suggests that (in theory) a bargaining solution could be reached.
  3. Yes, I'm here. Thanks for your replies. I conclude: (1) Yes, the sail was an original (oldish) G cut to yankee shape (2) Top of sail possibly too narrow (3) Roller-furling with wind free tends to make top of sail lag to leeward and not roll correctly. Possibly have to sail to 100-120 apparent (4) I don't have the roller furling/foil model here, but it seems of top-notch construction and maintainance. Possibly French and somewhat oversized for our 36 ft boat.
  4. Evans: I have enjoyed reading about your cruising with Beth. Many priceless "nuggets". Regards
  5. Good point, but no halyaed was not wrapped around swivel)
  6. Recently sailed from Puerto Deseado to Camarones (Argentine Patagonia). Got caught in a squall of Cabo Blanco (25-28 kts). Sailing with wind aprox 120 degreees off bow. Tried to furl Yankee (old, recut sail originally Genoa 2). Homongous foul-up: bottom 11/2 - 2/3 of sail furled OK, top 1/3 - 1/2 did not. Impossible to unfurl, furl or get sail down. Top 1/3 -1/2 shredded to pieces (fortunately, so sail wouldn't catch wind). We we able to get sail down when wind died crossing Golfo de San Jorge. What did we do wrong? Atttempt to furl with wind aft of
  7. My "nearly new" Hummingbird depth finder works of-and-on. Better on one tack than the other. Installed near centerline, aprox 1/3 from bow. Some 20 " from leading edge of keel. Is this depthfinder a POS or should I look into instalation? Any recommendation on a reasonably priced "better" depthfinder ? My boat is a modest half tonner.
  8. Love at first sight dor me. Glad I am '000 miles away, o.w. would be very tempted to try to get hold of it.
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