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  1. No, he's not "back"! I just felt a bit sorry for him and wanted to halt his slide down the thread ladder. As you were.
  2. I have one of those and it's great. I've used it for removing the trailer rust before welding, removing galvanizing before welding, cleaning off old paint on metal parts etc. It's messy, bloody messy but as my yard is all on sand it's not really a problem. Wear eye protection and an over shield face mask and be prepared to be picking sand grains out of your hair and ears for some time. The pressure of your washer is not the limiting factor it's the water flow required. From memory you need a minimum of 6litres/min or the washer constantly cycles on and off. To lessen the amount of cut hold the
  3. Here we go again! A stupid suggestion from another Mexican who is obviously completely ignorant of why "day-light" saving, although great in Hobart, very good in Melbourne, good in Sydney and even OK in Byron Bay, is totally inappropriate for the state of Queensland. Educate yourself. Slip down to your local library, you've probably even got your own key, and find a nice map of Queensland. Draw a vertical line through Cairns and see how much of Queensland lies to the West of said line. Whilst doing so note the longitude of Cairns, Brisbane, Byron Bay and anywhere else that is o
  4. No, you should agitate to get Dan Andrews to implement the same or a similar system in your state, which was the implied suggestion in my previous missive.
  5. Move to the Sunshine State. Thanks to LB's second best mate, P Beattie, ambulance is fully government funded. Why don't you have a chat to Dan?
  6. http://www.rileyfittings.com/rm87 Spinnaker pole end. 16' skiffs used these when I started sailing in the early 70's. They were used in conjunction with the RM 87 mast fitting shown above.
  7. Perhaps before you're done with it you might correct your recollection that it was reported in 1988 and dismissed.
  8. Try to keep up Meli! "Vegan" https://www.hungryjacks.com.au/better-food/vegan-en
  9. Nah, both wrong. If she goes for the straight smash she's gunna be deflected by the gigantic Macca Gut.
  10. https://images.app.goo.gl/Nu75r5oAKShkvEVHA
  11. Show us your's, ya wife's or GF's tits?
  12. Ukuri


    Are Ctrl C and Ctrl V the "hands"? How do I find the Ctrl key on my phone keyboard?
  13. I just had a look at the Restore website and it seems that the two products, CEM and RESTORE, are formulated with different ends in mind. I'm a bit sceptical that you can "chemically" repair a worn engine as RESTORE seems to claim. As I understand it CEM is formulated to remove the deposits left behind when the engine is run at low loads and under optimum temp. As others have said a good, hard, full operating temperature, run should achieve the same end. It wasn't cheap and was sold as a three part treatment, one to add to the oil prior to changing. One to add to the fuel. And one to add
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