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  1. Read The New Science of Strong Materials by J E Gordon. All will be explained.
  2. I particularly appreciate a line by Christopher Hitchens when he describes an incident whilst covering "The Troubles" early in his career. He was bailed up by a member of the British Army who said to him, "get the fuck out of here!" In his retelling of the incident Hitchens says, "So out of there the fuck I got"
  3. Which highlights something else that really shits me about modern language abuse. Using a noun as a verb. I consulted my Macquarie Dictionary which classifies cocktail as a Noun or an Adjective. I also checked in the Oxford and the Cambridge Dictionaries, both of which confirmed my findings. Then just be sure I wasn't cherry picking and introducing some anti Seppo bias I consulted the Merriam-Webster. Well blow me down if this esteemed US tome doesn't agree with the other three. Cocktail is a noun or an adjective but not a verb. Sorta makes Mr Fitzgerald's dissertation, althou
  4. Like they did for a la carte dining, and coffee culture
  5. Notwithstanding anything above "off of" remains incorrect despite your assertion to the contrary in your response to my previous post. Unless, of course, it was simply a typo. I'll leave it up to you to find said typo.
  6. Off of? Why? One doesn't say "I sat on of the chair" So why do Seppos say "I fell off of the chair" ?
  7. The problem is the moggy getting through the hole and bringing it's dirty feet back into the house? Easy solution that's free, has ongoing savings, is permanent, environmentally friendly, produces no greenhouse emissions and will make you the darling of the conservation society...... Get rid of the cat.
  8. Snap this one up. You wont be disappointed. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/burnie/caravan-campervan-accessories/maxie-methylated-stove/1273142960
  9. Only in those parts of the world that can't spell.
  10. I have one of those and it's great. I've used it for removing the trailer rust before welding, removing galvanizing before welding, cleaning off old paint on metal parts etc. It's messy, bloody messy but as my yard is all on sand it's not really a problem. Wear eye protection and an over shield face mask and be prepared to be picking sand grains out of your hair and ears for some time. The pressure of your washer is not the limiting factor it's the water flow required. From memory you need a minimum of 6litres/min or the washer constantly cycles on and off. To lessen the amount of cut hold the
  11. Here we go again! A stupid suggestion from another Mexican who is obviously completely ignorant of why "day-light" saving, although great in Hobart, very good in Melbourne, good in Sydney and even OK in Byron Bay, is totally inappropriate for the state of Queensland. Educate yourself. Slip down to your local library, you've probably even got your own key, and find a nice map of Queensland. Draw a vertical line through Cairns and see how much of Queensland lies to the West of said line. Whilst doing so note the longitude of Cairns, Brisbane, Byron Bay and anywhere else that is o
  12. No, you should agitate to get Dan Andrews to implement the same or a similar system in your state, which was the implied suggestion in my previous missive.
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