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  1. See Guys ‘Dilbert’ thread. It’s spot-on for PA these days.
  2. Means a lot when it’s not only an ex- sedentary th Enron’s wet and influence (via his scam of a foundation) and the husband of a presidential candidate who is under investigation of serious criminal activity.
  3. There are a lot of things I’d like to do but don’t because they are wrong. They met to discuss Cankles email investigation.
  4. Why would anyone believe children’s doctors are experts on illegal use of guns is beyond logic.
  5. Good to see you are one of the gun butters who don’t believe gun restriction laws work or should be followed.
  6. It’s gun nutters like you who cause gun violence in California.
  7. FFS you know he’s a liar. Why waste your time asking that? You also know he only believes ‘it’s everyone else’ and not him or his gun(s).
  8. Why doesn’t trump just say they should all do any except stand at attention during the NA?
  9. So you I take that as a ‘No, men will not dress up like women in order to gain trust and abuse women’.
  10. So a bunch of Russians wearing scaring green clothes and carrying scary black guns could come across the border and they be ‘the people’?
  11. So you admit men will act as women and sexually assault girls?
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