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  1. What are you....like fuking 7 years old?.... This, from the guy who told me to check my wife's Tinder account...
  2. Nope. I know as much about the specifics of your living and tax situation to speculate OR make up shit about your situation. Unlike you, who seems to have no problem spewing bullshit and lies about me. I haven’t lived in Providence since 1991, though you’re welcome to send the mayor some money.
  3. Seriously? You’re going to spin it this way after the shit you spewed up thread? You didn’t answer my question, Rick. Where do you file your taxes?
  4. What the fuck are you on about? Is this English? I've been out of RI and the US for almost nine years. Tell me, ser hypocrite, what you do for taxes while you're swilling cheap tequila and jerking off to donkey shows down south of the border?
  5. Wow, I didn't know we aussies had so much influence. And I had no idea any of you were reporting anything when I was answering those calls. Weird. It's almost like he's making it up.
  6. Yeah, once upon a time he seemed like decent folk. Now he sounds like the more rabid of my two Fox Aunts, on meth.
  7. My first reaction to the thread title was about if it was in reference to the return of Boothy... Who knew he'd re-emerge from his multi-year bender as a full-on Trumpian white supremacist.
  8. The lady doth protest too much, methinks...
  9. What the fuck is the matter with you?
  10. So says the self-admitted bogan about the "Florida Man" part of Oz...
  11. They're sort of a superset which may or may not be capriciously applied by how annoying a poster is being.
  12. It's all about who flicks you. If you piss in Scot's Wheaties and get his attention, he tends to hit the "Flag as Spammer" function which nukes your entire existence. It's quick, easy, and destructive and it probably feels good. If a moderator like Zapata bans you, he'll just ban your account and not affect your content. That's how I do things, and it's how I trained him to do it. Flagging someone as a spammer is really destructive, it deletes entire threads and destroys the integrity and clarity of others. But I could never get Scot to stop using it. So it's no magic. It's just
  13. Growing up Catholic...our church sponsored a live showing of Godspell right up there on the altar for a stage. JCSS...not so much.
  14. I would concur with your general opinions here. It's the most human telling of the JC story out there, and doesn't get bogged down in theology and miracles and whatnot. I was raised by Catholic parents, though it didn't stick. We hear JCSS every year around Easter. I loved the music growing up, and I think the human angle story telling is fantastic. Later, when I found out the lead singer on the album we had was Ian Gillan it amused me immensely that a guy who later fronted for Deep Purple (and Black Sabbath) sang the part of Jesus.
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