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  1. It was not in your list of "three things that must happen for this committee not to be bullshit" list. So thinking you didn't see if as that important isn't exactly taking a logical flyer. As you know, I do not support the death penalty even when someone richly deserves it. I'd be OK with the perpetrators being publicly excoriated and repudiated, then locked away for a significant time and stripped of the ability to hold elective office ever again. A felony doesn't always do that for you on the local level, only from Congress if it's treasonous (see "Buddy Cianci").
  2. As long as religions don't harm others I don't give a damn what or how they worship in private. Suttee does sound barbaric, but if it is truly voluntarily I don't know that it's my place to stop someone from voluntarily taking their own life. The problem is there are some harmful practices out there. Raising your kids to be willfully ignorant and scientifically illiterate does a societal harm when done on a large scale, for example. Though it's not something you can simple ban as a practice too easily.
  3. Sure, Jan. I'm going to run out and give money to some local charity in a place I don't live and never will, as recommended demanded of me some random a right wing loon I do not know, to prove that I'm...something to him? Can't tell what, exactly. Yeah, that makes a tons of sense. If you'd shown for one second that you were in any way respectable, decent, intelligent, this might be a discussion point. But you're just doing more foaming out the mouth and ass and making ridiculous demands because you have nothing to argue. As I said, I have nothing to prove to the likes of yo
  4. And not even clever ones. He's always go to veer into some kind of bigotry from his deep well of "clever" comebacks.
  5. If I ever come up short on paper to wipe my ass, I'll ask you to write your opinions of me out on something. That's the only way they'd ever be valuable.
  6. Ah, this is a reference to some bullshit in a thread eight months ago which was not about homelessness that you were too stupid to find. Are you a sock for Nacradriver then? Asked and answered, sockpuppet.
  7. The U.S. is a notorious pain in the ass to it's own citizens, as we require them to file taxes demostically even when they're full time expatriated. They're allowed to deduct taxes paid to their foreign host governments, but still may own Federal taxes if they aren't taxed enough. But you're talking physical locations there though. Not remote work, or part time visitors. When I worked for a bank in NY state, I went on site to branches in CA, TX, IL, etc. But I was always paid out of NY, and taxed in NY. Same for when I had a RI based consulting company and my biggest client was in KY
  8. "Pearl Necklace" <> "Pearl Clutching" https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pearl necklace You calling me a tax dodger...methinks the lady doth project too much.
  9. Just doublechecked my PM's, nothing there from VentuckyRed. He doesn't have my email. How did he "send" me a link to some charity? Why did he do it? What is the context? Enquiring minds want to know.
  10. Each jurisdiction would just go after their piece - the rest would be up to you to prove otherwise. Its not coordinated nor harmonized, so it could be a big headache for the person being taxed. Fortunately for them, the numbers are not visible to local authorities...yet... Further complicated by the fact of a burden of proof on what was done where and when. It is entirely possible to write an article about a place you've never been and get paid for it. Can the subject country claim taxes? Can they prove you were there? If you weren't, what about the sources you used for your
  11. You are clearly delusional, but OK. How did you send me this supposed link? I don't even have a clue about what context you are talking about sending me a link in, you blithering idiot.
  12. Any wonder if anyone who takes this and scores high will cop to it. I doubt it.
  13. Kinda hard to tell with ElPatrickStar, but I think he's aiming a gay slur at the guy who posted that tweet, maybe because he think he looks gay in his profile picture? It's tough to know what he's blubbering about sometimes.
  14. What link? WTF are you talking about? I've interacted with your loonie ass like twice.
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