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  1. Does the phrase "letting the camel's nose under the tent" mean anything to you? The Nazis didn't start out with killing Jews by the thousands.
  2. There were idiots protesting here in Whangarei yesterday. Stupidity knows no borders.
  3. Or PART OF a culture. Like the part coming into or already in the US. The UN policy is written to avert genocide, you you have to call out the pre-cursors.
  4. It's not one random act, it's a systematic act done by a government. A lot of those kids got adopted out and "lost" through the system. Definitely premeditated child removal. We're not going to agree on this.
  5. It is difficult to reason with people who can't see what's right in front of them. Or worse, who simply choose NOT to see it.
  6. That is the legal definition of genocide as defined by the UN under treaties we're part of. We took kids away from incoming families seeking asylum and gave them to other people. It's not necessarily about numbers OR how successful you are at it. There's no "you must kill THIS MANY people to commit genocide" meter at the Hague. Part of the definition is in place as a PREVENTION of future genocide, which is a much more humanitarian approach than waiting until you have to count body parts in a lime pit. You can take up the quibble with the U.N. if you like, but there are a number of we
  7. Well don't tell the Ozzies. They think they are among equals. If you aren't seeing our slide towards totalitarianism and white supremacy...you may be part of the problem.
  8. Yes. Intentionally separating children and families at the border meets the definition of genocide under international law. https://www.un.org/en/genocideprevention/documents/atrocity-crimes/Doc.1_Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.pdf https://www.truthorfiction.com/is-family-separation-genocide/ https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/08/16/that-debacle-at-the-border-is-genocide/
  9. And the actual world sees the U.S. conducting genocide right out in the open and who knows what else, as we slide towards totalitarianism, fascism, and losing our democracy to corporate oligarchs on the backs of white supremacists. No one would care if the U.S. was some banana republic island nation, but the faith and good credit of the United States government actually plays an important role in the glue that holds the global economy together.
  10. A lot of these changes have been rehashed elsewhere on various fan groups. Aging up the was a pragmatic necessity I think, but it creates other complications. Imagine an agrarian society where none of the three boys where married by 21? Seems unlikely. And you can't have a cast of thousands with loads of back story and internal dialogue in a show like this. I love the books, but three episodes into it I think they're doing a decent job with much of the feel of it, though there are many compromises needed to to the limitations of video format.
  11. I didn't get any sense that Lan was banging Moiraine in the TV show. They are bonded, which more intimate than simply swapping bodily fluids. So a certain amount of...physical frankness and openness and a complete lack of modesty between them is not surprising given the pragmatic nature of their relationship. I mean, with that bond if she eats a bad burrito, he feels it too.
  12. Hopefully, the spike protein fragments identified and used in the mRNA viruses remain a good way for the immune system to ID COVID. The quicker we eradicate the virus, the less opportunity the virus has to morph to an unrecognizable antigen. A bit of a race against time and geopolitical realities, I'm afraid. A novel change could render the current vaccines useless. That would suck. And this is why vaccinating EVERYONE is so critical. It shuts down the festering breeding ground for mutant strains and variants. The "if everyone else is vaccinated how come I need to be"
  13. My wife has a great many nurses in her Facebook friends list from her days practicing medicine. A not insignificant percentage of them contribute to clogging her feed with right wing bullshit and memes. Sweet ladies, according to her, but they believe and push some bullshit.
  14. You don't have to round them up, and that wouldn't be appropriate. But participation in society does mean you agree to certain rules and behaviors WRT the safety of the community. Right wingers have been whining for years when it's pointed out that there is an unwritten 'social contract' to participating in society. They claim they never signed it...maybe it's time to make them. We've required vaccinations for school for years. Requiring them of other public access is not unreasonable. So anyone can choose to be unvaxxed and carry disease. And society can say "You may not come in her
  15. The "Flag as Spammer" button is used against individual accounts and removes all traces of their existence. I think it deletes them, all their topics, all their posts, and blocks their IP addresses in one single step. Not 100% on the IP addresses. So if BravoBravo and his "body of work" is gone, then that is likely what happened to him. When I removed people I generally only banned the account, and left the content up there unless if was extremely egregious.
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