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  1. We only break out the staysail with it is 1) a longer passage and 2) winds between close and broad reaching. Our inner forestay is detachable, so for in and near-shore sailing we never bother to rig it because it's a pain in the backsides when tacking.
  2. Not great upwind though. We found that having our staysail up killed our point once we got forward of close reaching. I think it cost about 10 degrees, and it can not point like the jib by itself. Of course, we're not a true cutter rig, rather a masthead sloop with a staysail. My understanding is a proper cutter has the mast in a different place (I think a bit further back than a sloop) to compensate for the sail plan and balance it out.
  3. It's good to know how to make your boat heave-to. Taking a break even for an hour to make a hot drink or use the head with a little dignity can be very restorative. With sea room you can get a little shut-eye. You'll lose some forward progress, but when you don't know long you're going to be in the shit, being able to call time-out and stop the pounding and tilting for a bit can reset you for going on.
  4. We've given some as gifts, though I have none of my own. I think my feet are too big to fit in a possum.
  5. Packing for a return from cruising to land-bound life, I've created ridiculous pile of clothing that would be just fine at sundowners, but would have the mall detectives following me around amongst the normals. On the plus side, I can fit more in my suitcases now.
  6. I'll be spending Christmas with my kids this year, which we're pretty happy about. But the whole international travel situation is a freaking mess.
  7. Yup. There are a lot more difficult situations, and I'm sure the folks on residence visas or working visas have had more of struggle. It seems like it would suck harder to be trapped outside of NZ when your family is here, which I hear has happened a fair amount.
  8. Yes, being caught in NZ was catching a break, for sure. They have been wonderful and gracious hosts for all of us cruisers.
  9. We've been in the Town Basin for pretty much the whole pandemic, though we're leaving the 11th.
  10. Not us cruiser types, we're here in tourist visas for the most part.
  11. Where have you been stuck? We're in Whangarei at the moment.
  12. I'm shocked, SHOCKED, I say, that Judge Rapey McKegstand lied his ass off during his confirmation hearings and really things that "precedent" is basically meaningless.
  13. While it is impossible to actually score too many points against the Steelers or beat them by a big enough margin, today was pretty damned satisfying. Roethlingsberger didn't even look dominant against our scrubs in garbage time, though we did give him a pity touchdown. Who Dey.
  14. No it's not likely at all. Trump is, so far, being held accountable for exactly zero of his illegal actions.
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