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  1. Right $425,000, my bad. I bet he’s still not stoked on top of PST and GST and the import duty built into the MSRP. Thanks for the landscape on the politics.
  2. That Fleming 65 in Seattle is a USD $4.25 million dollar boat. He’s probably not going to notice the small increase on his slip rent. He will notice the additional USD $840,000 in luxury tax that this new law will impose.
  3. I imagine that’s because of the border being closed.
  4. Also, that Fleming 65 at Grand Yachts is now "Sale Pending".
  5. Thanks for replying. I’m new to Canadian politics and I don’t vote there. I’m sure this tax is coming and it’s totally political. But, the people it will hurt the most are mislead by the rhetoric “the rich can pay more” . They can, but they won’t. I don’t think it matters who builds the boat. I think it matters who sells the boat. M & P or Grand Yachts or others. These are the victims. Canadian companies employing Canadian skilled workers are the ones targeted by this tax. I’m sure the manufacturer will just send their products to countries that don’t add a 37% tax in ad
  6. Congratulations. Nice boat. Yikes, that could be complicated.
  7. Hey Tax Man, would you comment on this proposed luxury tax? I asked earlier a question about that Fleming 65 in Vancouver for sale. Laker would not explain it to me. Why would it be a good thing for Canada to handicap this sale?Why is it good for Canada that a Canadian company like Grand Yachts to take their private money to bring that boat to market, not be able to sell it because of an insulting, avoidable tax? There is a second hand Fleming 65 available in Seattle. If I bought it, instead of the new one, Canada gets no tax. Grand Yachts just has to keep paying for their boat, they brou
  8. Hey newbie, why did you repost what I wrote on January 2 without quoting it? Also BE, please give it a rest.
  9. That’s it. I’m dropping your class.
  10. I still don’t get it. Why is it a good thing when a Canadian company like Grand Yachts that employs a whole bunch of very skilled people, put in their own private money to bring a Fleming 65 to market can’t sell it? It’s not the price of the boat, it’s the principle of having your activity singled out for taxation when other equally expensive pursuits are not. Please don’t quote some overvalued item from the 1600s that you know no one has heard of to sound smart. What do you have to say to the Simrad technician? The Spectra technician, the Cummins technician, the staff at t
  11. Please explain why this a good thing? When an American spells it harbour it’s douchy. I give up on the baseball card. Tulips in Holland? Ahhh okay. I’m so glad I didn’t waste time listing to Academics and went sailing instead.
  12. Sorry, not meant to be a personal attack. I just know your boat is a traveling yacht and it’s a loophole that lots of traveling boats do. My apologies.
  13. Great job simplifying Professor. Making the subject matter complicated so you can sound smart I might need to stay after class. How exactly, is my paid for baseball card hurting the economy? It’s money is out there, Zonker has created jobs with it. Those people are paying taxes. He’s buying new software or pencils or whatever. I paid my tax on the money to buy it, and tax on the gain. the Government wins at every turn. If you discourage this I might keep my money in a CD or whatever, take no risk and just try to keep up with inflation and you get no taxes. Also, I d
  14. This is why I didn’t go to college. That and it was hard to find a parking space. You seem really smart and clearly are an educated person. But you’re not so good at explaining things simply. Can you explain, if I buy a million dollars baseball card, that is, I give Zonker, a million dollars and he does whatever he wants with it say, expands his Naval Architecture practice and hires two new staff, and I keep my card for 10 years and sell it for $2.5 million dollars, pay my tax on it how that’s a bad thing for you? Especially, if I buy a boat with my post tax dollars and pay PS
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