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  1. Looks like it was an interesting one if you look at some of the tracks more
  2. That's it yeah. We'll have to see if they start calling Melania an ape and a baboon after using such liberal sounding words. Why? Does she look like a baboon? At least she didn't say for the first time in her adult lifetime she is proud of her country. Quite the opposite.
  3. Huntington Bay great conditions? Oh my! Maybe before the Saturday morning cartoons are over and the Searay Navy is still in port. The Commodores Cup was canceled and rescheduled for a later date.
  4. Meli gets into mine some mornings. Even though I greased the pole.
  5. Only a matter of time before shed length restrictions are built into NOR eligibility rules.
  6. You're 99% sure that the guy who talks to the people who run and rig this boat is wrong and you are right? its because the dock at his condo association has a max 90 foot restriction
  7. USA 15? Spaceman Spiff? Best position. Not such a good timepiece. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41N29PYE89L.jpg
  8. You look a bit like Bartolo Colon, in person.
  9. I'm curious if there is written permission from the YRALIS PHRF Committee, or if RRS 87 is like weight limits: it looks good on paper but nobody cares if it is not followed. RRS 2013-2016 87 CHANGES TO CLASS RULES The sailing instructions may change a class rule only when the class rules permit the change, or when written permission of the class association for the change is displayed on the official notice board. We are not talking class rules, it's a phrf event. Why the whining? Unapproved rule changes may be ok for the individual regatta, but may disqualify
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