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  1. Mr. joke, do you drink sugar water or do you prefer the recycled pea that flows down your throat?
  2. What I want to see is more kids running around with assault weapons. I can't imagine anything better.
  3. Trials are how the law is enforced.
  4. You missed Matt Dillon and John Wayne?
  5. They were outlawyered. Sad that justice is just a game. BD
  6. A police sniper would have taken him and others out in a police state. The verdict sent the wrong message.
  7. BLM The State of Georgia moved the protest from Centennial Olympic Park. (You know the place blown up by a white man filled with hate.) There was no need to stop the assembly. The mayor and chief of police were on the scene. It had been peaceful until that point. Forcibly being removed from a public park sparked unfortunate carnage. The chief resigned and the mayor is not seeking re-election. The state authorities that ignited the event are fighting to out trump each other.
  8. So if I break into your house you should just lie down? No peace officers should try to keep the peace.
  9. Not every good thing in the world happens when your appendage finds a warm, wet and inviting space.
  10. A knife in the wrong hands can do much damage. Hand guns are designed to kill people. Assault rifles were designed for war. I'm heading out now in my B2 bomber to keep the neighborhood safe.
  11. People are not born feral. Neither are dogs or cats.
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