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  1. Should be a fun one Sat looks light, hopefully we can get out of the bay
  2. Need a part for the Fareast 28R and they never returned calls. Website appears to be down and phones have robo voice straight to voicemail. Anyone have the scoop? They fucked up the install on our spin pole and now I have to unfuck it. Anyone know where else to get parts, looking for the Delrin insert for the end of the spin pole launch tube.
  3. My Buddy and his dad had one. They had a blast with it. He used to singlehand it with a kite and whip ass. Would bungee cord the tiller straight DDW, walk forward on the leeward side, break the pole, walk to the windward side, heal the boat, kite and main would gybe, make the pole and run back to tiller. A LOT of fun time on that little thing.
  4. We always call the bow "Reality" and the cockpit "Fantasy land" To each their own. Go the Merlin
  5. seems like you could put together a water ballast setup with some tanks under the gunnels to get some righting moment back.
  6. Install a little diesel. You'll appreciate being able to push that button and have a prop all the way in the water in any sort of sea state. If it gets rough the outboard just pops out and cavitates. My buddies are the Catalina 27 Intergalactic Champions. Winning that shit took staying power, perseverance and a half keg of Heineken down below on ice.
  7. Yep. That's it. I went to that Stop N Shop to get beer
  8. Saw a stripped out Red hull in Riverhead new York sitting on a trailer a few years ago. Didn't have any windows in it. Can't find it on Google.
  9. I built a bunch of chainplates for these boats a few years back. The aluminum ones crap out and the rig falls down and peels the boat apart. there's a google group of Hobie owners that is pretty busy. They discuss a lot daily. Surely they know where more of these things are.
  10. Spent a lot of time on Mirage (R.I.P) in Hampton. It was replaced with Myrage. Christian is racing her in every race possible to get her as fast as the old one. I think ex Smoke now Gail Force is/was owned by Chuck Eldred and is still on the hard up in Yorktown, VA somewhere
  11. Or the proper topless sendoff we gave your 36
  12. Hey KracK.

    Ive been on multihull most of my life.  Now  looking for a possible change.

    Is it possible to retract the Keel on an Hobie 33 while in the water.  From what I understand its something usually done on the beach

    I need a performance boat that can motor in 2- 3' of water.  I want to gunk-hole in the Bahamas and chase bonefish up on the flats.


    Thank you


    1. Kack


      Yes.  Can carry a winch to retract the keel in the water.  The Keel drops down into a sump that goes above the waterline.  I've never motored with it up though.  Rudder is still 5 ft deep either way.  Get a paddleboard and chase fish with that.  

  13. Well, looks like Game on for Transpac. Who's on the boat? Anyone have the scoop?
  14. Buy a Farr 30 or Melges 32
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