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  1. Classified advert is gone- must have sold. Whoever listed it probably did not want to mess with the tedious negotiations that can occur when you try to squeeze the extra $1k or so. Some people’s time is worth a more than that.
  2. Looks like 230 lb hull, 260 rigged. Fast forward to minute 17:45...
  3. I can't seem to locate a weight. PRODUCT OVERVIEW LENGTH 15 ft 4.572 m BEAM 5 ft 6 in 1.675 m DRAFT 2 ft 7 in 0.8 m SAIL AREA MAIN 93.6 sq ft 8.7 m2 JIB 39.8 sq ft 3.7 m2 ASYMMETRICAL SPINNAKER 156 sq ft 14.5 m2 CREW 2
  4. Anybody care to guess a price? Beneteau/ seascape 14, is $16k. Same?
  5. Thanks! So basically, it looks like the boat would not be the limiting factor, but rather my sailing. This is just a fun night after work with a bunch of decent but low key sailors.
  6. 5'8'', 190 lbs, $10k. The M14 or Aero are more plentiful and likely have a better resale value down the road. I have sailed both and like them. Not too sure where the Evo is heading.
  7. Even before social distancing, I was considering a single handed boat for low key Thursday night racing. Would a Melges 14 or Aero be competitive against a mixed fleet of Lightning, Flying Scott, Capri 25, Colgate 26, and S2 7.9 flying spinnakers? Perhaps an occasional Finn. In light air the keelboats tend to dominate the centerboard boats, but in 10-15, the Lightning is hard to beat. Courses are 2-3 miles, typical starting off a pier, 1/2 mile reach to turning mark, upwind 1 mile and return. Thoughts?
  8. I priced one in New Orleans last year, about $16k. My interest waned after that.
  9. Don’t forget to flake the sail...
  10. So, how did the Aero and M14 fare against each other?
  11. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/colgate26/info Q/A and advice. Yahoo groups are mostly dead, but this one still hangs on.
  12. Anybody have first hand experience with the Beneteau First / Seascape 14? Beneteau dealer in New Orleans has one in stock I want to check out. A bit pricy though- $15.5k with three sails.
  13. Interesting that KO sailing is listed as a dealer on the Melges site- thought they were RS central, esp for the Aero... https://www.melges.com/?p=pages/useful-links
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