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  1. congrats!! I bought a 1991 J35c last year after 40 years sailing my parents 1975 tartan 34. Amazing upgrade to a fast boat that does indeed sail like a dinghy. My survey was very similar to yours! Now working on replacing the plumbing bit by bit to get ready for extended cruising with family. Mike
  2. Saw this on J42.. Just a reinforced Bow roller. This is more up the alley of what I was thinking. and this from a J46
  3. I recently bought a 1900 J35 C. I currently use an ATN tack it collar to fly the asym chute and tack it to the roller furler. I am looking for ways to avoid this and create a very short, but useable bowsprit to tack the chute to or use for a code zero. It only needs to get the tack out in front of the bow pulpit. I was even thinking of just attaching a block to the bow roller, but I know it is not built to handle that load. Has anyone done this? I don't love the look of the Trogear bow sprits and want to keep it simple up front. Suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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