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  1. I really enjoyed the presentation which I just watched on YouTube. My father also died of cancer when building a CC35 in 1990, and it was eventually finished by someone else. I was in college then and have never seen the boat since, so it was really amazing to see the details of Jim and Patty's CC35. I so identified with David Vincent's children when watching this video. I wish I could have joined the Zoom. Now I sail a Corsair F27, a hull built just after my father passed. Congrats Jim and Patty, and happy cruising.
  2. We financed our first "expensive" boat precisely because I preferred to keep the cash I could have paid for it as additional reserve for a family emergency or loss of job. I have good credit and borrowing was cheap. It's all about being smart about it. Boat loans at 15% don't seem smart.
  3. Another stop on their non-stop voyage, this one local to me. Maybe I should sail over and hitch a ride to Mars. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/key-biscayne/article250229390.html
  4. So this NC to TX cruise is supposed to be a voyage to Mars analogue? Then the unplanned layover in Palm Beach for engine trouble is what ... a pitstop on the moon for some spare parts? Have to give them credit for authenticity. As I came and went to SA over the years, only an occasional visitor, I eventually became aware of both the 1000 days thread, and the VOID HO spectacle, but somehow it is only now that I realize the connection between the two. Today was a good day!
  5. The combination of this thread and the regular parade of douchebags in powerboats I encounter while sailing Biscayne Bay with my family is going to give me nightmares tonight. I'm replaying in my head last weekend when it looked like a sizeable cabin cruiser was going to T-bone our F27 with the kids down below until it turned way too close. And I was reaching for my whistle ... what a joke. I like the idea of a flare gun.
  6. We've been real happy with our F27 as a family boat (3 kids, started with an F242 and outgrew it), and they hold their value well. If you are considering that route and haven't already, join https://fct.groups.io/g/main and post that you are in BC and looking for a Corsair/Farrier. Boats sometimes change hands thru connections on the forum that were never listed elsewhere. Best wishes for your recovery.
  7. Some Punjabi rap for your Ignoring pleasure
  8. The likelihood that CL's efforts would change the world's mind about Texans is the same likelihood that all of us working together could change the world's mind about Americans. (We're not all that way! lol). Zero. FWIW, I'm a native and spent all my formative years in Texas, and the loudest and most obnoxious and openly/casually racist person I have ever known well is a white Jewish native of the lower east side of Manhattan. But I know he doesn't represent all New Yorkers. On the other hand, the size of the stick up the ass of every New Englander I've ever met has only been matche
  9. The premier ocean circulation model in the world is written in Fortran 90/95. https://www.hycom.org/
  10. Someone could probably scratch out a living live streaming this kind of thing. Where I launch and recover, we have the Chit Show:
  11. J_Grove


    I would say that there are tides and "tides" as commonly understood by sailors, surfers, etc. By definition, the tides are deformations due to gravitational forces, and so are not a function of wind, atmos. pressure, and river flow. Doesn't even have to be water - there are solid earth tides. Sea level tides in open ocean, continental slope, and some part of continental shelves are known to incredible accuracy now, thanks to satellite altimeters like Topex/Poseidon (launched in 1992) and follow on missions combined with tidal modeling. Tides in coastal areas with complex bathymetry are n
  12. Yes knowing how they must try to squeeze every bit of speed out it seems reasonable even if of very secondary importance to wind. But listening to race reports, reading Herman's and other posts, etc never heard/saw it mentioned. The data from altimeters that measures the SSH may be up to a few days old depending on position relative to satellite ground track and orbit, but there's numerical ocean models that constantly assimilate this data and update surface current ocean product. I would think these teams with high dollar budgets would be tapping into something like that.
  13. When plotting courses for these boats, do the navigator(s) take the eddies of the ACC into account? Would seem that 1-2 knot current is a non-factor when the wind is blowing 30-40 knots, but maybe at low wind speeds?
  14. The resolution of the SAR satellites used to create these ice products (SAR meaning synthetic aperture radar in this case) is about 100 m (50 m pixels). RS2, Sentinel-1, and other SAR sensors are capable of much finer resolutions, but at the cost of such a drastically reduced area coverage that they are no longer practically useful for wide area ice monitoring. SAR is especially vulnerable to what is called speckle noise, when means in practice that to distinguish ice with an acceptable false alarm rate, any potential target (ice in this case) that is smaller than a few pixels across must be f
  15. Whoa, having the CG of the mast behind the wheel sounds dicey indeed! Good luck engineering a solution on that one! A common and simple mod for many in the Corsair community (haven't done it myself) that may help you as far as the mast staying centered is as follows. Keep only the rod (or replace it) of the rear support which will continue to serve as an axle. Upon this, thread 3-4 (however many appropriate) lawn mower wheels (the smaller kind 6" diameter or whatever). On the ends, use much larger diameter wheels (10-12" or whatever is typical for the rear wheels of some push mowers). The
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