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  1. https://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/boa/d/west-palm-beach-48-catamaran-project/7350843843.html This ad raises several questions, but the one that struck me first is, build was started in 1962 and still not finished? That's approaching 60 years of things coming up in life.
  2. Last December there was a F27 beam crack (sustained during a long upwind bash in the Pacific) repair thread on the F boat forum that got 47 posts. They were all on topic, and many of them seemed helpful (owner was most grateful, very Japanese of him). A year ago, right after I got my F27, I posted about cracks in one of my float bulkheads around the chainplate, and got exactly zero responses. So OP, you're ahead of me. Either way that forum has to be the best chance for locating a used beam that the dealer network hasn't already heard about. This incident is a reminder of how much Ian Far
  3. I saw an ad for this boat in a Facebook group, and that ad is also gone now. For comparison https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/chl/boa/d/port-charlotte-horstman-tristar-38/7349030570.html
  4. I own one too but not sure if my earlier comments put me in the sky is falling crowd. I know I won't be grinding down my flanges and wrapping them cloth, but appreciate the perspective boardhead. For me the tough reputation of the F27 is well deserved. Coming to it from the 24MII, the beams are massive and overbuilt. Which is good if you, like me, have hit something hard. I'm thankful for no sign whatsoever of any cracks in my beams. So the thing which may be common is guys actually using their boats and as a result sometimes doing bonehead things with them. The picture of a boat at
  5. Everyone agrees that getting used beams from a salvage boat is the easiest way to go, but since the most common reason for salvage of an F boat in the first place seems to be beam failure, you already know what a long shot that is. Good luck. The scary part to me is that your story doesn't include the usual elements such as sailing or motoring into a marker or piling, or misjudging bridge clearance while trailering. And (like me) you have the no-flange floats so your boat was built prior to the ones with beam void problems. It seems that you were on top of beam maintenance since you
  6. Agree on the thread title. There was a post on this very topic yesterday on the Perry Facebook group, except it was a Baba 35. New owner was having same troubles and considering installing a bow thruster. The response that garnered the most likes was a bow thruster will change your life. You will not notice any difference in performance under sail.
  7. Is a righting operation covered by my free unlimited towing with TowBoat US, or do I have to pay extra for that?
  8. Not that it's particularly relevant, but Stanford, like the rest of the Pac12, did play a 6 game football schedule last fall. It was shortened and shifted to late in the year due to Covid. Glad to see that sailing and other non-revenue generating sports were brought back.
  9. I really enjoyed the presentation which I just watched on YouTube. My father also died of cancer when building a CC35 in 1990, and it was eventually finished by someone else. I was in college then and have never seen the boat since, so it was really amazing to see the details of Jim and Patty's CC35. I so identified with David Vincent's children when watching this video. I wish I could have joined the Zoom. Now I sail a Corsair F27, a hull built just after my father passed. Congrats Jim and Patty, and happy cruising.
  10. We financed our first "expensive" boat precisely because I preferred to keep the cash I could have paid for it as additional reserve for a family emergency or loss of job. I have good credit and borrowing was cheap. It's all about being smart about it. Boat loans at 15% don't seem smart.
  11. Another stop on their non-stop voyage, this one local to me. Maybe I should sail over and hitch a ride to Mars. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/key-biscayne/article250229390.html
  12. So this NC to TX cruise is supposed to be a voyage to Mars analogue? Then the unplanned layover in Palm Beach for engine trouble is what ... a pitstop on the moon for some spare parts? Have to give them credit for authenticity. As I came and went to SA over the years, only an occasional visitor, I eventually became aware of both the 1000 days thread, and the VOID HO spectacle, but somehow it is only now that I realize the connection between the two. Today was a good day!
  13. The combination of this thread and the regular parade of douchebags in powerboats I encounter while sailing Biscayne Bay with my family is going to give me nightmares tonight. I'm replaying in my head last weekend when it looked like a sizeable cabin cruiser was going to T-bone our F27 with the kids down below until it turned way too close. And I was reaching for my whistle ... what a joke. I like the idea of a flare gun.
  14. We've been real happy with our F27 as a family boat (3 kids, started with an F242 and outgrew it), and they hold their value well. If you are considering that route and haven't already, join https://fct.groups.io/g/main and post that you are in BC and looking for a Corsair/Farrier. Boats sometimes change hands thru connections on the forum that were never listed elsewhere. Best wishes for your recovery.
  15. Some Punjabi rap for your Ignoring pleasure
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