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  1. I used to build the trolleys for my dinghies out of old glassfibre surf-masts. They are cheap or even free and a solid basis for some laminate (Epoxy preferred). The most expensive parts were the wheels. If they are big enough it should be fairly easy to pull the boat even on gravel.
  2. It's some time now since you posted, so, maybe I'm too late: Seaweed and foils don't go together very well.
  3. What did you say where you put the peel ply?
  4. Int. Moths were considerably quicker than lasers from the early 80s on. Scows were good in heavy winds and only in the mid 80s skiffs became as fast as scows in windy conditions. Until then most WC were won in skiffs when they were held in Europe and in Scows if they were held in Australia. The Wombat was one of the first designs to beat a scow on it's home territory. Since then most of the competition was held in skiffs. Int. Moths were not active in the US then. What you have seen racing in Charleston are mostly designs from the early 70s afaik.
  5. There's a camping site in Buchholz with a small club adjoining, mostly dinghys. Site closes down end of October each year, so sailing in winter might be difficult, but the locals will know best, I assume. Happy to put you in touch.
  6. If you like to join some local foiling mothies I would recommend lake Ratzeburg east of Hamburg. Pm me for contact details. The lake would be OK for a 29er as well. I would neither recommend the Alster nor the Elbe for foiling around. Alster is rather gusty and Elbe might prove a bit dangerous on the moth. I recall one girl in a foiling Moth being member of the NRV (located north of the Kennedy Bridge), though I don't know where she stores her boat.
  7. Are you guys done with the Seggerling or could you use some help in translation? I happen to know Jüs (Segger) back from his days in a Moth (he started in the 60s and stopped in the early 80s,shortly after I got into Moths). I will be happy to put you in touch with Jüs and help translating the plans and instructions if need be. As he sold some plans to the Netherlands afaik there probably is an English version already.
  8. At least on a skinny lowriding Int. Moth I would not recommend a gybing CB. (not sure what your "classic moths" are, though.
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