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  1. Watch The Sailing Frenchman on YouTube - he does a demo of his reefing jib on his Mini. (It’s in English.)
  2. it's under the 3 dots on the upper right of a post (if you are on a computer, at least)
  3. And dropped into the CFR! They will never get out of there.
  4. They should use this - then there can be yet another layer of ship on ship action.
  5. Read this before proceeding. https://marinehowto.com/lifepo4-batteries-on-boats/
  6. Gore Tex Pro is someone who wears their FWG and Dubarry's while washing their mom's car.
  7. A cordless Fein Multimaster would do it, too. But that's an investment you might not be looking for.
  8. Use the scraper as a spatula.
  9. Pull between two bigger boats and use their halyards to drop your mast.
  10. Tons of info here - https://marinehowto.com/category/plumbing/ - well worth a look.
  11. Another kayak option - https://kokopelli.com
  12. J/80? Santa Cruz 27? Melges 24? Ultimate 20?
  13. Oh man, I practically grew up at Wormley Creek Marina.
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