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  1. Thanks for sharing those here, Dylan.
  2. Be sure to check out The People of the Sea - https://lodestarbooks.com/product/people-of-the-sea/
  3. Hope they keep the product line. https://www.garmin.com/en-US/newsroom/press-release/corporate/garmin-acquires-vesper-marine-a-leading-provider-of-marine-communication-equipment-and-services/
  4. Fein Multimaster with the 'fingertip' sanding pads. But reusing the teak is also good.
  5. https://www.moorings.com/yacht-vacations/crewed-charter/by-the-cabin
  6. https://www.vivierboats.com/en/product/pen-hir/
  7. Some Barcolana carnage http://www.ultimedia.com/deliver/generic/iframe/mdtk/01164585/src/qxqlz3q/zone/1/showtitle/1/
  8. I think the tiny house/van-life people have discovered them. It's hard to find even the stove-tops. My new old boat came w/ a 6000 and I'm psyched to use it. (The boat even has an integral alcohol tank.) Ebay/Craigslist seem to be the way to go. I think this company must bought the assets from Dometic - http://cleancook.com/productsstove-sales/ The aforementioned alcohol stove thread -
  9. Sometimes I search for the first guitar I ever bought. It was modified by the previous owner so it will be easy to spot. I hope I never find it.
  10. Plus offshore is its own magical place. Having the boat well settled and sailing under a perfect dome of stars? Hard to beat.
  11. I also use the Bad Elf. Works with my iPad, my iPhone, and a windows PC running OpenCpn.
  12. Labor Day is a national holiday, no tides or currents running that day.
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