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  1. This was without doubt, the BEST AC for media coverage I have experienced. The sheer mix of available options to watch, the various pundits all chucking in their two cents worth. Kenny, Shirley and Nathan did an excellent job throughout. The 'host' of those three was a tad annoying but made it relevant to non sailors with his hype. The comments from the chopper throughout, were really insightful as well. Nathan for me was an absolute standout, as he is so fresh from Artemis/Bermuda and the deep insight of an AC campaign. Plus his natural ability to explain foiling and foiling tactics to
  2. Cagliari would be spectacular - Porto Cervo - better? There is NO QUESTION - Italy would host the most spectacular event in AC history. Nothing done by half measures. Thanks for giving it a red hot go (rosa forza?) fellas. With or without Jim as part of your team, MANY in Australia were on your side. Superb effort and look forward to the next one. Grazi Mille!!!
  3. Live. Sail. Die. For the win on outstanding insight and analysis. Nathan Outteridge has been an absolute standout also. Deep intellect re: foiling boats. Mozzy, the mad scientist who made me understand what I was looking at.
  4. What the rest of the world think when watching rugby against the AB's.
  5. Professional fouls? Wonder where they got that idea? Luna Rosa must have watched too many All Blacks games...
  6. Sardegna! Cagliari - a stunning location in the Med.
  8. I mean come on guys. Who wouldn't want to go to an AC in Sardinia? The Italians will put on the GREATEST AC in history.
  9. how about some garlic bread with your lamb chops bros?
  10. Pollies are doing this everywhere. In Oz - federally, and the state premiers have used this technique ad nauseum from the beginning of the COVID experience. This mostly re-enforces their standing to the masses, that 'they are in control and doing the right thing' - ie, "vote for us next time because we kept you safe". It has worked! Queensland's premier was returned with an increased majority in a recent election, and the WA Premier is about to wipe out all challengers due to his stance in the last 12 months, locking up WA to keep the 'pox-filled' easteners out. The masses have lapped this shi
  11. Your last sentence pretty much sums up life over in Oz as well.
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