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  1. Jules

    Defer the second dose for three months

    According to the New England Journal of Medicine... We used documents submitted to the Food and Drug Administration2 to derive the vaccine efficacy beginning from 2 weeks after the first dose to before the second dose (Table 1). Even before the second dose, BNT162b2 was highly efficacious, with a vaccine efficacy of 92.6%, a finding similar to the first-dose efficacy of 92.1% reported for the mRNA-1273 vaccine (Moderna).3 With such a highly protective first dose, the benefits derived from a scarce supply of vaccine could be maximized by deferring second doses until all priority group members are offered at least one dose. There may be uncertainty about the duration of protection with a single dose, but the administration of a second dose within 1 month after the first, as recommended, provides little added benefit in the short term, while high-risk persons who could have received a first dose with that vaccine supply are left completely unprotected. Given the current vaccine shortage, postponement of the second dose is a matter of national security that, if ignored, will certainly result in thousands of Covid-19–related hospitalizations and deaths this winter in the United States — hospitalizations and deaths that would have been prevented with a first dose of vaccine.
  2. Jules

    Abbot Won’t Stand For Mask Ruies

    But there is cure
  3. Jules

    Donald Trump, Celebrity Vaccine Crusader?

    That's what CPAC stands for? I thought it was Conservative People Are Crazy.
  4. Jules

    We have found Voter Fraud It does Exist

    My reaction, too. I mean, who knew?
  5. Jules

    Can Your City Become Pottersville?

    This started with a small church in the city of Gilbert, AZ. Yeah, I never heard of Gilbert before either. BTW, the SCOTUS decision happened over 5 years ago but, as I understand it, there are lawyers across the country now suing municipalities that are in violation of this ruling. I digress..., they pastor was posting signs to direct people to his church. The town told him that was in violation of the town ordinances. The pastor sued. The appellate court agreed with the lower courts that the city was in their rights to enforce their sign ordinance. So the church took it to the Supreme Court. So tell me, how did Pastor Clyde Reed of little ol' Good News Community Church come up with the money to pay all those lawyers to take this case to the Supreme Court? Here's more on the story - https://www.mtsu.edu/first-amendment/article/1472/reed-v-town-of-gilbert
  6. Jules

    Can Your City Become Pottersville?

    That's some good thinking right there. The city council here is stymied by this. As a result, there are still political signs up on personal properties. It's an eyesore. This is one of those cities that keeps even real estate signs diminutive. But for elections, they allow temporary signs exceeding that. There was something I read in the decision that seemed to be saying there is no difference between a safety sign and a political sign. Which caused me to wonder if SCOTUS wanted to keep politics in the forefront of American minds. All the better to rob the piggy bank unnoticed. FWIW, Citizens United was referenced to support their sign decision.
  7. SCOTUS delivered a decision regarding signage and how municipalities can regulate them. In a nutshell, SCOTUS determined municipalities cannot differentiate signage based on content, even if that content is safety related. In other words, if a sign ordinance defines a maximum sign size for safety purposes, then all other signs can be just as large. If a "BRIDGE OUT" sign can be 6' wide and 4' high, all other signs, including political signs, can be just as large. And if that safety sign can be left in place indefinitely, so can political, ideological and all other signs. Cities across the country are suspending sign enforcement because of this decision. They did it here a year ago. Pottersville, here we come!
  8. If ever there was a puppet for the big donors, he's it.
  9. Considering the self-serving climate that exists in Washington, that may be our country's best hope.
  10. Jules

    CPAC embraces Nazi imagery

    It's not just imagery, the entire party is practicing Nazism. Any factual account of what was happening in Germany in the early 30s will confirm that.
  11. About the only thing I know of going right now that could put him in jail is the tax investigation headed by Cyrus Vance in New York. We've gotta do better than that if we expect future presidents to know they are not above the law.
  12. The SO had to watch FOX to see the Orangutan speak, kinda like keeping your enemies closer. I said that POS will never go away unless we completely ignore it forever. FOX only sees viewers and that's how they decide what they will feature. Watch him and they will put him back on. Social media only cares about Internet traffic. Talk about him and they will see that as a positive. Once the Jerk is no longer profitable, they will leave him in their dust. Never speak the name. Never watch him. It's the only way to banish him into the void.
  13. Jules

    "I Got A Guy..."

    Know anyone who always has a guy who will give him stuff or work for him? One guy here is like that. He's got a guy for everything he needs. Of course "the guy" will do it all for free cuz "he owes me". Know anybody like that?
  14. Jules

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Florida Woman, upset about the lies being spread about the Capital Riot, wrote the local paper to give us the facts. The police officer who died after being hit by a fire extinguisher, "died at the hospital from an allergic reaction to some type of spray." And you thought Florida Man was the only genius residing here...
  15. Jules

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Every race day, there's probably a half dozen or so H 20s passing by our house. I'd say that age range is pretty accurate.