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  1. I saw him campaigning before the last election. He was standing in a room filled with starry eyed seniors. They were hanging on every bold faced lie he could spew. Outside of pedophiles, there is nothing worse than preying on the old. Maybe Harvard teaches that sort of thing.
  2. Yeah, not a good sign. But then again, whackadoodles seem to be all the rage in America now.
  3. The local paper today ran another article on him. Anonymous inside sources said he probably won't survive this. Even the thick as thieves Republicans have walked away. What a shame. He's such an honest and decent fellow.
  4. The SO, who is about one of the most tolerant people I know, interviewed for a job recently. My response about the christian shit was pretty much the same as here. No idea if that music is playing all the time or not. Maybe they play rap, too.
  5. What if you weren't into christian music, etc and went in to interview for a new job and they were playing christian music and had religious pictures on the walls? (This is non-religious business) Would that give you pause? If so, why?
  6. I've got all their sanders, a CT26 and Domino 500. Yep, awesome tools but sometimes the prices they charge can't be justified against other brands. A few years ago I bought their 55 track saw but ended up returning it. In its place, I bought a Dewalt track saw for half the money. Very little difference in performance. Dewalt's tracks have two usable sides, Festool - one. They are just aluminum extrusions yet Festool tracks are almost twice the price. Stuff like this has kept me away from buying more Festools. But I love their sanders. I'm just getting to know the Domino but so fa
  7. Passing up Mahomes and Watson in favor of Trubisky should have prepared us for this last dumb fuck move. But it didn't. I keep expecting the Bears to do something half-way smart, which, I guess, qualifies me for being insane. We'll know somebody in the head office is wising up once they fire Ryan Pace. Until then, expect stupid.
  8. The sad fact is Whitehouse has been working against dark money for over a decade but all it ever gets is a mention here and there. You won't see cable news gossip cover him or his efforts ever printed on the front page of the newspaper.
  9. Sorry. I've been so busy that by the end of the day I just want a hot shower and cold drink... at the same time.
  10. The top he has for the other side of the kitchen has those 10' runs. And it was finished when it arrived. All from Global but the shorts tops were made by Boos.
  11. Since maybe mid December I've been working on a neighbor's kitchen. He made some French fries and took them next door for dinner. But instead of turning the heat off, he turned it on high. Yes, his kitchen caught fire. He was lucky he came back before the house was gone. It's been like a full time job but I'm finally beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. A closeup of the cabinets. Pecky Bolivian walnut rails & stiles with zebrawood panels. On the far left wall is tigerwood. Zebrawood is over the cooktop. Still have to make the drawer fronts fo
  12. I think the fact there was someone more scared than her gave her confidence. The wife of the 80 year old couple had that roller coaster fright face every time the boat heeled. I think that gave my friend confidence. On another note - that 80 year old woman immediately asked for a life vest when she got on the boat. But when we gave her one, she set it on the seat next to her. I told her it does no good there. She said, "I just want it near in case I need it." To which I replied, "By the time you need it, you'll already be in the water." Didn't matter. She refused to put it on.
  13. No shit Sherlock. It's a prerequisite for anti-maskers and other right winger "personal freedom" types Sometimes it's just a complete lack of brain usage.
  14. I doubt it's voluntary. More likely men that women want nothing to do with. So they claim their celibacy is a choice to avoid admitting they are assholes.
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